$100 Microwave Upgrade & Mod

After The Stove top Upgrade it was time to do something with the old white counter top microwave and the white range hood. I did not want to spend a lot of money buying a new range hood and a new built in Microwave. So here is what I did for under $100.

This was before the upgrade. Note the white counter top microwave and the white range hood. They don’t match with the Black Glass cooktop. So I made some changes for less than $100

I painted the range hood black with a $5 can of spray paint, and removed the counter top white microwave. I’m now ready for a new black microwave.

I bought a magic chef black microwave 1.1 CuFt 1000 Watt for $82. I want it to look more built in so I made a wooden suround for it.

Made the surround for the microwave out of pine 1 x 4 inch lumber and stained it with stain I already had. $11 for the lumber and screws.

Looks much better and matches the Stove top and range hood. Just need to do a back splash now and It will be all done in the kitchen. Total cost of the Microwave upgrade and the range hood was under $100.

$82 for new Magic Chef Microwave

$ 5 For spray paint to paint the range hood

$11 for lumber and materials to do the microwave suround

For a total of $98 Stay tuned for another upgrade or Mod.


Fifth Wheel Bedroom Upgrade

Well it is time to start on the 5th wheel bedroom upgrade on my 1996 Savanna 5th wheel. The bedroom had a old brown painted border with some wood trim. No mattress pad or blinds on windows when I got it out of the cow pasture. It is taking a lot of work to upgrade and restore it. Here are some before and after pictures of the bedroom upgrade. Be sure to read the captions.

This is the Bedroom in the 5th wheel before the upgrade.

Note the Painted Brown Border on the wall. No mattress pad, and no window blinds.

After the Upgrade

New Mattress Pad, New Vent Surround on ceiling, New LED Light Fixture on ceiling.

After Upgrade to Bedroom in 5th Wheel Trailer

New Border on walls a Abstract Southwestern Border. New Venetian Blind for window.

Another view of the new border on Bedroom Walls, and the new Venetian window blind.

Stay tuned for more upgrades and mods to my 1996 Fleetwood Savanna 5th wheel Lots more to do and I have all winter to do it in. I need to start on the Bathroom and a backsplash surround for the kitchen. Not sure if I’ll use curtains or not.


Upgrade Dinning and living areas in the Slide

I decided it was time to get rid of the old Dark Brown wallpaper Border in the center of the walls. Not sure if I will use a border or not. If I choose a border it will be a abstract or a southwester theme.

This was the old dinning area Before the upgrade. No table or chairs and the dark brown wallpaper border.
This is the dinning area after the upgrade. Alittle paint, venetian blinds with a new table and 4 chairs. The old brown wallpaper border is gone. added new LED Light fixtures for the ceiling.
This was the couch and living area before the upgrade with the Dark brown Border.
This is the living area with the couch. A little paint and venetian blinds makes the area look bigger and nicer. The dark brown border is gone and I added LED ceiling fixtures. I may replace the couch with a couple of recliners or else remodle this one. Next will be the bedroom upgrade. Stay tuned.


Kitchen Cooktop & Cabinet Upgrade

The old Kitchen stove was shot and beyond repair. I decided to install a Cooktop instead of a stove with Oven. We never used the Oven in a RV anyway. To small and to much trouble. I decided to use the space where the oven was for pots & Pans storage. So I modified the cabinet.

The Old stove with oven

Like I said the old stove was shot.

The old stove was removed and left this Hole in the Kitchen cabinets.

After the old stove was removed it was time to Make some doors for the cabinet below the cooktop and install the cooktop. I had to trim the opening 3/4 inch on each side to install the new 4 burner cooktop.

I made the doors and the facia in front of the cooktop and installed them.

The cooktop is installed and the cabinet has self closing doors.

The old Microwave and Hood

I will probably replace the Microwave with a Microwave convection oven and replace the hood or else paint this one black to match the cooktop.

The Cabinet below the Cooktop

I will finish the inside of the cabinet and probably install a sliding Drawer for the pots & pans that will be stored there. I made the doors and cabinet facia. I’m not sure on what type of back splash I will install That will be after painting and finishing the inside of the cabinet.

Stay tuned for more mods and upgrades.


96 Savanna 5th Wheel Winter Project

1996 Fleetwood Savanna 5th Wheel

I towed this home from a horse pasture about 7 miles from my home. I bought this for my Winter Project to update and restore. It needs a lot of TLC. The previous owners Put on a new roof membraine and Oak Hardwood floors. They started to fix it up, but never finished the job. There are a couple of places where it is starting to delaminate. The cook stove was shot and it needs a new microwave and a TV. The slide awning is shredded and the main awning is not much better. It has a Onan Generator which needs a carb, which I have. This will be a big project to try and restore it. The framing is aluminum so that is a plus. The 16 ft slide is hydralic and works well. The unit has lots of storage. It had 2 jackknife sofas so I took one of them out and will put a free standing table and 4 chairs in its place. Will install a Cooktop and will make a cabinet below it in place of a stove with oven. I will install a convection microwave which will also serve as a oven. Stay tuned for more as I start to fix, repair, modify, and update it.


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