Some 5th Wheel Mods and Upgrades

Since trading our Travel Trailer for a Fifth Wheel Trailer, I’ve found that there were a few things that needed improvement or changed. Hence the following Upgrades or Modifications. The first one was to add a Handle or Grab Bar where you go up the steps to the bedroom and bathroom. A very simple thing to do. I had the dealer install the handle when we picked up the trailer. The handle was affixed to a stud in the wall going up the steps to the Bathroom / Bedroom.

Grab Handle mounted on Stud going up steps to Bathroom and Bedroom

The next thing was Reading Lights for the bedroom. We both like to read at night while in the bed, but the overhead light supplied was just not suitable for reading. If I wanted to read and my DW did not the bright overhead light would keep her awake, So I installed a couple of adjustable led spot or reading Lights. Since the bottom of the overhead cabinets are hollow, it was a simple matter to fish a couple of wires from the overhead light to the 2 reading lights.


Adjustable Reading Lights above Bed affixed to overhead Cabinet.

This 5th wheel has a lack of Duplex Outlets in easy places to plug in things. So I decided to add one to the front of the kitchen counter to plug in the coffee pot and any other small appliance without a bunch of cords and extension cords, hanging from the bottom of the cabinet above where the duplex outlet is.  I found that there were 2 blank slots for circuit breakers in the fuse and circuit breaker panel under the stove next to the sink. I bought a single 15 amp circuit breaker at Lowes and a 25 foot roll of romex 2 conducter with Ground. I only needed 7 feet but that was the smallest that they had. I also bought a Duplex Outlet and cover. I ran the romex from the circuit breaker in the panel thru a 1/2 inch hole I drilled into the side wall going under the sink. I routed the wire along the side and the back wall of the sink and up to the duplex outlet that I installed on the front of the sink counter, See Photo Below.

Added Duplex outlet front of kitchen counter by Door

Next was to add some drawers to the bedroom wardrobe cabinet. We did not need a lot of hanging space so I bought 2 plastic 4 drawer cabinets from Walmart to put in the wardrobe one for each side. Really makes it nice to put socks, and underware and things in the drawers and hang a few things in the middle. So that the bottom drawers would clear a lip at the bottom of the wardrobe I put the plastic drawers on small 14 inch long pieces of 2 x 4’s lined on the bottom of the plastic drawers. Fit perfect and now we have better utilization of the wardrobe, at least for us.

Bedroom Wardrobe Slideout
Added Plastic Drawers to Left side of Wardrobe Slideout


Right side of Wardrobe Slide Out

I want to add another Duplex Outlet by the side of the stove and some lights in the pantry. Since the fuse, circuit breaker, and power panel is under the stove and there is room for some more fuses and another circuit breaker it should be a easy mod to do. I will update this as I add things. Stay tuned.



Photos of my 5th Wheel Trailer

The following link goes to my Photo Gallery, where there are several photos of the 2016 Keystone 277RLSWE fifth wheel that I just purchased. or you can click on the page Link located on this site.


Click Here for our 5th wheel photos

Review of Forest River EVO T2360 Travel Trailer

Review 2017 Forest River EVO T2360 Travel Trailer

This is a Review of our 2017 Forest River EVO T2360 Travel Trailer, Which we have traded off for a 2016 Keystone Cougar 277RLSWE 5th wheel. Let me start off by saying That we have owned 3 Forest River Travel Trailers. We bought this travel trailer brand new and have now lived in it for 6 weeks. This trailer would be fine for short term stays such as a week end of camping or stays of 1 or 2 weeks. For stays longer than a couple of weeks it is not suitable for 2 people. 1 person would be fine. If the designers of the travel trailer had to live in one for awhile they would design things a little different. What follows is the Pros and Cons and defects and short comings that We found in the 6 weeks that the wife and I have lived in the unit while wintering in Yuma Arizona.

The Pros

Compact floor plan.

½ ton towable (but you would be right at the limits with a half ton and loaded).

We loved the floor plan and the Bathroom,

All L.E.D. Lighting.

Remote control for power stabilizers and the awning and lights.

The Cons

1. Stupid Dinette Design. The legs for the table are to close to the seats so that you have to be a contortionist to get into the booth or be a small child or person.

2. The space above the fridge has no door or nothing to keep the contents from falling out while traveling.

3. All of the shades are mounted crooked and don’t work properly. Need to be reinstalled. Very poorly done.

4. The metal blinds in the bedroom are crap, and bend every time you bump into them. Very close quarters for that type of blind. They will have to be replaced.

5. As usual the mattress was a 4 inch thick rag. We replaced it with a 10 inch Dynasty Foam mattress, only to find out that to get into bed we need to use a step stool and we are both big tall people.

6. When turning on the cold water tap at the kitchen sink we get hot water for ten or so seconds befor it will run cold. This in 30 deg weather. I suspect either the cold and hot water lines are to close together or else the bypass valve for the water heater is leaking into a cold water line.

7. saw dust in vents and falling out of cabinets and nooks and crannys.

8. The finish trim was very sloppy with nail holes and staples installed crooked or not covered up.

9. Plastic Sink. You dont want to put a knife or any sharp object in it or you will mark or scratch it.

10. DVD player would not work. Dealer did replace it under warranty.

11. Propane Regulator and switch over valve is different and no way to tell when one tank is empty.

12. Cheap! Cheap! Cheap! Is the only way to describe the unit as a whole.

For a unit that retails for almost $26,000 you would expect better quality. It is a nice looking unit and has a lot of appeal, but I would be afraid to travel cross country with it for fear it might fall apart. These are just some of the resons I traded it off for a 5th wheel. Once we pick up the 5th wheel next week, I will Post my impression of it and why we switched.


My apologies for excess updates and unfinished post

My apologies for excess updates on my last post  about our trip to Quartzite, and having to leave it until today unfinished. It appears there was a problem with the WiFi Feed where we are staying in Yuma and problems with word press. It appears that the problem has resolved itself.


A Trip To Quartzite Arizona

A trip to Quartzite Arizona

Bev and I use to Belong to a Rving Group called the “Almost Yumans” ,When we were Living in Yuma Arizona for the winter. We use to go there every winter for 22 years. We have not gone there for the past 4 years. We sold our home there a couple of years ago. This year we decided to Make the Big RV show at Quartzite Arizona and join the Almost Yumans Camp out. The group was Dry Camped 7 miles South of Quartzite about a mile down La Paz Road in a free Dispersed Camping Area. We traveled from Our Sticks and Bricks Home in Ogden, Utah, Leaving on the 19th of January. We spent 3 Nights in Mesquite, Nevada Before traveling on to Quartzite Arizona and arriving on Monday the 22nd of January. The almost Yumans had the camp site all set up and the RV’s were all positioned in a big circle, Kind of like in the pioneer days of circle your wagons.

RV’s In circle. Thats our travel Trailer in Back ground


It is cold in the desert at night, so we all gather around the Camp Fire and shoot the breeze. What a wonderful Group of people.

Sitting around the camp fire.


 After 3 wonderful Days and Nights with friends and members of the Almost Yumans, It was time to continue on our journey to Yuma Arizona which is only about 100 miles away. I t was Thursday Morning when we broke camp and headed out one by one. We arrived in Yuma just before noontime, and started looking for a place to stay at one of the RV Parks. Needless to say it is the middle of the snowbird season, and we didn’t have reservations, but that is a story for another post.

Stay tuned for our Yuma Adventure and a Review of our new 2017 Forest River T2360 Travel Trailer.


Got My Money Back in Generator Scam

Got My Money Back in Generator Scam

Today I got a Email from PayPal stating that they have ruled in my Favor, and said that I am getting my Money Back for the Generator that I never received from the Chinese scammer. Here is a Partial Copy of the Email that I received. Also note that I had alerted my credit card company who had already credited my account until this matter was resolved. I am glad that the matter was resolved and that PayPal did in fact credit me the amount that I paid. I have used them for years and never had a problem. I also only pay online with a credit card. even when going through PayPal. I Never use a bank account. Most Credit card companies have an agreement, that if merchandise is not received, they will credit your account and bill the party who took the credit card. This also applies to misrepresentation of a product and a broken product. Email is below.

Resolution of Your Case: XXXXXXXXXXX
Dear Melvin,

We have concluded our investigation into your case and have decided in your

We were able to recover $689.00 USD and this amount has been credited to
you. Please allow five business days for this adjustment to be posted.

If you are due any additional funds, we will make our best effort to
recover the balance from the seller.

If the seller’s account has insufficient funds to complete the refund owed
to you, please be assured that we will take appropriate action against the
seller’s account, which may include limitation of the seller’s account