Travel Trailer Air Conditioner install

In a prvious post I told how I removed a vent so that I could install a Air conditioner in my travel trailer. Here is what I did. I ordered a Advent 13500 btu AC. the price was right and it has a 2 year warranty. I removed a Maxx Air Fan that was in a vent in the center of the trailer.

Here you can see the vent hole after removing the Maxx Air fan. The wire you see hanging down is the 110 volt ac line wire. Now I have to prep the hole to recieve the air conditioner.

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A Storage Modification for My Layton Travel Trailer

While looking for storage spaces in my Layton Travel Trailer I happened to notice under the bed That The water heater and pump were under the closet on the left side of the bed with access outside as well as under the bed. I looked to the right side and did not see anything going under the closet on that side. Hmm it appears that there is a possible space under that closet, unless there are wires or other items in there. There was no access to that area inside or outside. Strange.

The Water heater is under the closet on the left side of the bed. It appears there is nothing under the closet on the right side of the bed. Just a blank Panel.

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Pictures Before and after 1995 Laton Travel Trailer

Here are some pictures of how My Layton travel Trailer Looked Before I made repairs or modifications.

The TV and Ceiling This is the Before and no TV in the upper right of the picture You can see the damaged ceiling.

 This is a new ceiling and a Super sonic 15.6 LED HDTV with a LG DVD Player. It only weighs 5.6 Lbs

The batwing antenna was missing The head so I bought and installed a new King Jack Head in place of a Bat Wing Head. It brings in 40 Local channels.

Now it is time to do something about a microwave. There was nothing in the space above the stove.

So I bought and installed a new Microwave.
The front of the trailer is a Sad state of affairs and the light is broken on the left side. Something has to be done with the front of the trailer.

replaced the Light with a LED Light assy.

New Paint on the Tongue and frame with a fresh coat of white on the propane tank cover works wonders with a little soap and elbow grease it made 100 % improvement.

The roof needs some covers to keep out the rain and elements out. There are  no Vent covers over the vents so they had to be closed when it rained.

The answer was to install new Vent covers on all of the vents.

Got to do something about the tires. Bought and installed new Carlisle Tires. It was overkill, but better to be safe than sorry.

 The spare tire was blown out so I needed a new spare too.

Bumper is painted and a new spare tire and cover installed with a locking cable not shown.

I had to do something for shelves and reading lights in the bedroom. No Reading Lights of shelves to put a book or glasses on without having to get out of bed.

Problem solved with a couple of LEd adjustable reading lights and home made shelves.
I Will add more pictures of repairs and mods as I go along. I now have to install new brake shoes and Magnets as well as repack the wheel bearings and replace the seals.
Stay Tuned.

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Airxcell Maxxair Warranty

I purchased a Maxxfan model 4000K model number00-04000K serial number 2003-4000K-0542 from camping world on July 03 2020. I received it after waiting for 2 weeks on July 20th 2020. I installed the Fan and found it to be defective. I contacted Maxxair support for a solution to my problem. see Correspodence with them concerning this matter. To date I’ve received no help and no answer to my Emails. I have tried to phone several times only to get recordings and never a connection to a human or else the phone call is not answered. I have purchased many products from Airxcell and this is the first time I’ve encountered a problem. It appears that they no longer care for their customers or honor their warranty. Below is copies of the Emails that I sent to them. I only got one responce to my first email to them and no responce since then. over a month has went by.

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Bedroom Shelves and Reading Lights for my 1995 Layton Travel Trailer

Another Modification to my 95 Travel Trailer

Bedroom Shelves and Reading Lights

My 1995 travel trailer did not have any shelves by the bedside to put books, reading glasses, and other Misc Items with out having to get out of bed. There was no reading lights either and the overhead lights just did not cut it. So I made a few Mods to correct the problem.


As you can see there are no shelves or reading Lights on either side of the bed.

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