Our 2020 Year End Update

Our 2020 Year End Update

Jan 2020 to Apr 2020

Well the year 2020 has been a crazy Year for Bev and I. Lots of Ups and Downs and a few bumps in the road as Life goes on for both of us. The year started out for us when we went to Yuma Arizona For our annual winter escape to a warmer climate. For the first time in 24 years of going to Yuma for the winter months we had Reservations made a year in advance. We got there on January 6th 2020. We stayed at Western Sands were we had stayed a few years before. I knew several people who always stayed there as well as the management. Our trip down was uneventful and we had no problems. We went to a couple of dances and a few pot luck dinners while there. I’ve always liked Yuma in the winter time as the Sun Shines everyday, guaranteed. Because of the pandemic (Covid-19) we left early to head back home to Ogden Utah We got Here the last of March. Beverly was not doing to well and had a lot of problems with her back.

Apr 2020 to July 2020

We had several Doctors appointments for the spring and start of summer months. Lots of things to do around the house and yard to take care of as well as my Garden. We had lots of tomatoes and grapes this year. Bev is still having problems with her back and she just does not feel well. She has (Afib) atrial fibrillation, and sleep apnia. With the Pandemic (Covid-19) we decided we would not go to Yuma in 2021. Around the middle of June I decided to sell the Motor Home. I decided it was time. We are in our 80’s and with a few medical problems we just were not using it enough to have it sitting in the driveway for 11 months out of the year. It was to big to use for a 2 or 3 day fishing trip in the high Uinta Mountains. So I sold it in 3 days.

July 2020 to Oct 2020

It is now the first part of July and I am going nuts without a Recreational Vehicle to work on or to go camping with. I decided that a small travel Trailer would be less expensive to maintain and tax’s and Lic fee’s would be a lot less than a Motor Home. So I started looking for a older Travel Trailer and a Truck to pull one. I found a 2009 Chevy Avalanche LT-1 ½ ton. It is in excellent condition with only 96,000 Miles on it. It rides like a Cadillac, but it doesn’t get the best fuel economy. I finally found a old beat up 1995 travel trailer that needed roof repairs, a ceiling in the center section, and lots of work. It was hard to believe the prices of travel trailers. People were snatching up anything with wheel on it at outrages prices. After I bought it I almost bit of more than I could chew. It was a lot more work and hidden damage that I didn’t figure on. Working on the travel trailer took most of my time until Oct2020.

Oct 2020 to Jan 2021

Here it is the middle of Oct 2020 and fall is here and the weather is crazy Hot and cold with a few storms thrown in. I added a Transmission cooler to my Avalanche for better towing. The travel trailer is pretty much done with only a few minor things to change. I got new tires on the avalanche and it is serviced and ready to go. We drove it to Wells Nevada for a short visit and Bev had a hard time sitting in the truck for the 4 hour drive. In November I took her to the Doctor to find out what was wrong. That’s when we found out she has a Compression Fracture of the Thorax in her Spine. I have been doing all of the cooking and house keeping for over a month now. Bev is using a walker to get around. She is in pain 24/7. The doctors say there is nothing they can do except give her pain killers. Taking it easy and bed rest is the only thing that will help heal the fracture if it will ever heal. I guess my Rving days are over as Bev can’t Sit in a vehicle for very long. It is to hard on her and the pain. Even with pain killers she is still in pain. It is now Christmas day 2020 and I fixed up a nice Butter ball turkey for dinner along with all of the trimmings. I am looking forward to 2021 and a better year I hope.


AirXcel MaxxFan Finally Responds

Finally after 5 months, several emails, and phone calls, AirXcel MaxxFan RV division Finally acknowleged My email after posting on Facebook, Twitter and my blog about the way they did not respond to any of my emails including a registered letter sent to their corporate headquarters. It was only after I went public that I got a reply from their Tech Support who overnighted me the part that I needed to replace the one that was defective. It is to bad that it took them 5 months to do it. They appologized and claimed that the order for the replacement part was never turned in By their personnell. Why was’nt my previous Emails answered and my phone calls and the registered letter that I sent. Very poor Customer service. Which leads me to believe that they just don’t care. Anyway after 5 months I finally got some action although it was to late for when I needed the part in the hottest months of summer.


Don’t Buy a Maxxfan for your RV

Don’t Buy a Maxxfan for your RV


AirXcell MaxxFan Don’t Honor Warranty

AirXcell MaxxFan RV Division Does not Honor warranty and has the worst customer support in the industry. I purchased a MaxxFan Model 4000K model number00-04000K serial number 2003-4000K-0542  back on July 3rd 2020. When it was installed we found it to have a defective circuit board. Since it was already installed and screwed down on the roof of my travel trailer. It would be pretty hard to remove and send it in for warranty. I contacted AirXcell Maxxfan Support and was told that they would get a order turned in and a replacement board sent to me. That is the last I’ve heard from them. I have sent 6 or more emails and have never gotten a response from them. I ‘ve made several phone calls and got disconnected after waiting almost an hour or else I get no answer. This is a terrible company to do business with and I would urge not not to buy any of their products as they give no customer service nor do they honor the 2 year warranty. Its not worth the paper it is wrote on. Very Very poor company to do business with. Below is the only response that I received from their tech support back on the 22nd of July.


It sounds like you may need a replacement PC board.  Is the shipping information in your email correct?

If yes, I will get an order tuned in to get a replacement PC board out to you.

Technical Assistance Coordinator

RV Products, a division of Airxcel, Inc.

3050 N. St. Francis

Wichita, Kansas 67219

Office: 316.832.4357

Fax: 316.832.3417



More Changes to my Solar System

They say the 3rd times a charm. I’ve been fooling with my solar controller and the wiring and after the 3rd time I think I’ve got it the way I want it. 


This is the way it started out with just the basic setup. Controller with the BT-1 Blue tooth to see what the battery and solar was doing with my smart phone.. No way to disconnect the controller from the system without unkooking wires.


so I added a few things. You are not supposed to hook up the solar panels to the controller without first hooking the battery to the controller first. when turning off the power to the controller the solar panels have to be removed first so I added a double pole single throw 16 amp circuit breaker switch running a PV positive lead from the solar panel to one side of the Circuit breaker. Then I ran the positive battery lead for the controller through the other side of the double circuit breaker.


Still adding a light for under the bed where all of the wiring and controller panel is. I changed things around a bit and added the light so I could have a light when getting something from under the bed or checking on things. This setup worked great but there was no reason to run the battery through the fuse panel and then through the circuit breaker switch. So back to the drawing board.


This is much better and simpler. You can see the Black 12 volt battery Lead coming from the 100 amp fuse block to one side of the circuit breaker and then into the controller. The red posirive lead from the solar panel come down through the closet from the roof and goes through the circuit breaker and then into the controller. This way I can disconnect the system without damage to the controller as both battery and solar panels are disconnected at the same time.

The fuse block in the picture has nothing to do with the controller anymore as the circuit breaker Takes care of the Circuit protection for the controller. The fuse Block contains circuits for the reading lights on each side of the bed. also the light under the bed and the USB 12 volt panel installed on the leftside above the bed for charging USB devices and cell phones as well as supplying 12 volts for a inverter for wifes Cpap machine. The Fuse Block has space for 3 more circuits for any future upgrades.

Hopefully this is the last that I will have to do crawling under the bed.


I Moved the Solar Controller

I did not like the placement of my Solar Controller and the BT-1 blue tooth monitor. So I decided to move the controller and the bt-1.


I did not like the controller above the bed in the bedroom. I was afraid that the blinking lights would hinder a good nights sleep and rest. So I decided to move the controller under the bed out of sight.


Here the controller and BT-1 are removed leaving some holes in the panel.


Here the controller is moved under the bed. This was just a temp setup untill I got the rest of the parts to finish the job.


Here is the final setup (I Hope) I’ve added a double breaker switch to cut out the solar panels and the battery from the SCC (Solar Controller) I’ve added a fuse panel also along with the BT-1 Bluetooth, so I can monitor the systen with my Cell phone without having to raise the bed to see what is going on. Now to fill the holes in the panel.


I needed a place to plug in the wifes Cpap Inverter when on Battery Power. So where the Solar controller use to be I installed a USB, 12V, on / off switch, and a battery meter. The USB has 2 ports to charge cell phones while sleeping. The 12V port is where I can plug in wifes Cpap machine inverter, and the meter can tell me the battery condition. All in All it is working out.