Duplex Outlet Update

In a previous post called “Some 5th Wheel Mods and Upgrades” I told how I added a Duplex Outlet to the front of the kitchen Cabinet so my Dear wife would not have to use the overhead outlet and extension cords.


Worked great for the toaster and coffee Maker, but my Dear Wife uses a portable Induction Cooker sitting on the stove so she can use the Vent Fan above the stove. This required a Extension Cord running across the sink so she could plug it in. So I decided to put in another Duplex Outlet by the stove.


Since it is by the sink I installed a GFI outlet by using a Surface Mount Outlet Box and a GFI. I drilled down through the counter top and cut the wire going over to the Outlet on the front of the Cabinet.


Running the Vertical Line wire from the Main distribution panel circuit breaker up through the counter to the line side of the GFI, and another wire from the load side of the GFI, to the Outlet on the front of the sink Cabinet. This way both of the Duplex Outlets are Protected by a GFI.


This is the Distribution panel. The Bottom Circuit breaker is the one I added for the Duplex Outlets. I still have room to add a single or a double circuit breaker if Needed. This panel is located under the stove and to the left of the sink cabinet. There are also room to add a couple of 12 volt fused circuits if I ever need some more. Dear Wife is Happy, So I am Happy.





5th Wheel Furniture Rearranged

Rearranging Furniture in my 5th wheel.One of the problems that I had was the 2 Recliner Swivel Rockers at the rear of the 5th wheel.

You could not close the slide without putting one of the Recliners in the Doorway. If you had to use the restroom while traveling or needed to get something from the 5th wheel you had to climb over the Recliner to Get inside. Even to open the slide. If I replaced the recliners with smaller ones, I would still have to put one in the doorway.

Removing the little cabinet between the recliners still did not help.What to do? Hmm, Maybe I could do some furniture rearranging.

After taking several Measurements I decided that I could remove the Table and chairs from the front of the slide, and move the couch forward in it’s space.

Move the couch forward to where the table and chairs use to set.

Then I could then put the swivel recliners in the place where the couch use to set in the slide.

Swivel recliners in there new location in the slide.

Then I could put the table and 2 chairs where the recliners use to set at the rear of the 5th wheel.

after removing the little cabinet to make room for the table and chairs, I had to cover the hole, the wiring and junction box.

So I made a access panel 2 ½ inches from the wall to cover the junction box and wires, which gives me room for the table and chairs. Much easier to move the table instead of the recliners. The TV is on a swivel articulating arm so sitting sideways is no problem to watch TV and the chairs Swivel also.

Now to get some Dinette chairs that have rollers and swivel. Maybe a couple of barrel chairs. Plenty of plug ins at the table for computers and chargers and things. I might put a nice decorative light fixture in the center of the overhead cabinet for a nice touch and lighting for the table. I’m still thinking of other changes, but that’s for another post. Mel

Maxxair Vent Fan and Cover Installation

Since My 5th wheel only has 1 air conditioner and when it is very hot the front bedroom gets pretty warm even though the air conditioner is ducted. I needed something to circulate the air a little better when the AC was running. At night time when the air is cooler we don’t want to run the AC or if we are dry camping we only need a breeze in the bedroom to sleep. we like fresh air in the bedroom at night. so the solution was to install a vent fan that would exhaust air and pull air from a open window creating a nice cool breeze. The fan that I wanted had to be one that could reverse and suck in air as well as exhaust air from the coach. Another feature that I wanted was a fan that would circulate the air when the vent was closed and the AC was running. another feature was a auto temperature control that would start the fan when the interior got to warm to exhaust the air. The fan had to be quiet when running even on High. So I purchased a Maxxfan 4000K for $139 at Camping World or $125 at Amazon.

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Power Cord and Cabinet Mod

For a long time now I’ve been studying a way to gain another drawer in the little cabinet between the recliners at the back of the 5th wheel. The power cord is fed into that cabinet from the rear of the 5th wheel.

Power cord is shoved in here at the back of the 5th wheel.

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Our Arizona Adventures Continued

Arizona Adventures Continued

It is now the 29th of March, and we are on our way from Yuma Arizona to Benson Arizona, to visit our good friends Billie and Jerry. They live about 7 miles west of Benson just off of I-10. The trip to Benson was uneventful, and we had no problems along the way. We arrived that afternoon and they had a place already for us to park by the side of their home with a electrical hookup. Now the fun began, I had to back the 5th wheel in and I had not had to back a 5th wheel for over the past 5 years when I sold our other 5th wheel. This was only the 2nd time since buying this 5th wheel, once at the RV park in Yuma and now to back in by the side of Billie and Jerry’s home. Lucky for me there was plenty of room and a wide street. My Dear Wife Bev, Friends Billie, and Jerry were all giving directions so I wouldn’t hit their home or garage. It was really very Comical. Arm Waving and Shouts, Move over here and other Commands. After Moving a Cinder Block, and about 5 tries I got the fiver lined up and backed into the spot. I got the 5th wheel all set up and went into the house. I was Beat, Tired and a little Embarrassed.

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Arizona adventure part two of two

Arizona adventure part two of two

In part one I described how we traveled from Ogden Utah on the 19th of January to Yuma Arizona and the problems of finding a RV Park to stay in without reservations as most parks were full. Finally after a 6 day Shuffle, we were able to obtain a space with full hook ups at the Wester Sands RV park on 34th street and Payson Dr. We pulled into our space #7 on February first 2018. We will be here for the next 2 months. While we got settled in We found that the new 2017 Forest River EVO travel trailer that we had purchased a few months ago had many short comings and was just not suited for 2 people our size. See (Review 2017 Forest River EVO T2360 Travel Trailer) I originally purchased it for short trips and camping and stays of maybe a couple of weeks. It was to uncomfortable for us for a long stay. So I started looking for a good 5th wheel to meet our needs. On February 6th I went to a RV sale in Yuma and found a 2016 Keystone Cougar 277RLSWE ½ ton Towable 5th wheel overall length of 30 feet with 2 slides. I signed on the same day and traded my EVO travel trailer. I made an appointment to have a 5th wheel hitch installed in my Ford F250 Super Duty pickup and a PDI Inspection. A week later I took my EVO to the dealer and while doing the PDI they installed the 5th wheel Hitch in my truck. After the PDI . They pulled the 5th wheel down to where I had the travel trailer parked and we started transferring things from the TT to the fiver. It was a long tiring day and we got back to the RV Park at Sunset just before dark. Got the Fiver all hooked up and started rearranging things. We had packed most of our things in cardboard boxes to make the transfer easier. The next Morning I started unpacking the boxes and my dear wife started putting things away and rearranging things the way she wanted. It took about a week to get everything the way DW wanted, while I made a few modifications. see ( 5th Wheel Mods and Upgrades). We had to make a quick trip up to Utah and back for a Doctors appointment and to pickup mail. We left on the 25 of February with just our truck and returned on the 1st of March. On the trip up and back I noticed that the brake pedal seemed to be going down further than it should and that there was a pulsing of the brake pedal when depressed while stopping. Hmm Warped Rotor or rotors on the disc brakes. So on the 5th of march I took the truck to the Ford Garage and had all four rotors turned and all new heavy duty brake pads installed, and a complete lube, filter, and oil change. I Got the truck back on the 6th of March with a Total bill $509. I drove out of the dealership and on the way home the pedal went almost to the floor when I tried to make a panic stop.

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Arizona Adventure Part One of Two

Arizona Adventure

It has been five years since we have been able to get away from part of the cold and snowy winter here is Utah. Although this has been a mild winter so far, we were use to going to Arizona or Texas every year to escape the winter cold and snow, for 22 years. Yes we were Snowbirds. Five years ago because of medical problems we were unable to go South for the winter, until now. It is now January 19 2018 and I just purchased a new Forest River Travel Trailer a couple of weeks ago. We are all packed and ready to Head out on the first leg of our trip to Quartzite Arizona.


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