Wintering in Yuma Arizona

We arrived at Sun Ridge RV Park in Yuma Arizona on the 5th of January. It will be 2 weeks tomorrow since we arrived. It is Friday the 18th and we are here for the winter. Jan to Apr. Took some pictures of the park. We have been snow birds to Yuma for 24 years. This is the first time staying in this park. The spaces are big and wide and you are not jammed in next to your neighbor.


Here we are all setup and ready for company. Lots of room on our patio under the patio awning.


This is the office at Sun Ridge RV Park with the Mail Room to the right. Both are part of the recreation hall with restrooms, showers, library, Game and Pool Room with a large Rec Hall and Kitchen.


Rec Hall and Facilities


Heated Swimming Pool at Sun Ridge RV Park


Dances and Bingo as well as other activities in the large Rec Hall.


Ladies doing quilting and crafts in the Rec Hall


This is the Laundry Room nice and clean and plenty of washers and dryers


Lots of outdoor Activities Pickle Ball, Bouce Ball, Horse Shoes, Tennis Courts and much more. I did not get a picture of the Game room with pool tables and Card tables. There are lots of things to do if you want to take advantage of them. There are tours Hiking and boating lots of places to go and see.


My Year End Update for 2018

My Year End Update for 2018

2018 was a crazy Year for us. It all really started in December of 2017 when I decided to trade the Motor Home and get a Travel Trailer to go to Arizona for the winter. You can read the reasons for doing so in a previous post Review of a Forest river Travel Trailer. It has been five years since we have been able to get away from part of the cold and snowy winter here is Utah. Although this has been a mild winter so far, we were use to going to Arizona or Texas every year to escape the winter cold and snow, for 22 years. Yes we were Snowbirds. Five years ago because of medical problems we were unable to go South for the winter until now. It is now January 19 2018 and I just purchased a new Forest River Travel Trailer a couple of weeks ago.


 finally headed out in Late January to Quartzsite Arizona for the annual RV show where we spent a week dry camping.


Dry Camping at quartzite AZ


Gathered around the campfire. Will be heading to Yuma Arizona for the rest of winter. After Arriving in Yuma we found that the Forest River EVO Travel Trailer was not for us So I traded it off for a fifth Wheel Trailer.

Our New to us 2016 Keystone Cougar 1/2 ton series 277RLSWE

Fast Forward and it is now March 29th 2018 and we are on our way from Yuma AZ to Benson AZ to visit friends. We need to get to our home in Ogden Utah so we can get our tax’s done. After leaving Benson AZ, we went to Page Arizona and the Glen Canyon Recreation area where we spent a couple of days at Wahweep RV Park.


While there I discovered a oil leak in the Tow Vehicles Differential and had it fixed in Page AZ at the Dealership (stealer ship), What a rip off. We finally got home around the 5th of April. We got our income tax filed on time and rested up from our trip. We were looking forward for a few Summer trips That never materialized Because of Doctors appointments and other unforeseen circumstances. Needless to say I spent most of the summer making modifications to the 5th wheel and the tow vehicle. I was planning to to Arizona for the winter around November, But had to change plans because we could not get a space in the park where we stayed last winter. Finally got reservation for January 5th, in a rv park across from the one we stayed at last winter. It is now Christmas day and I’m waiting for some new hearing aids from India that I ordered and they might not get here until Jan 22nd 2019. So I am planning to Go to the rv show in Quartzsite the last of January. Will have to cancel my reservation and hope we can get a space around the 1st of February. So it has been a crazy year for Rving Not. I hope 2019 will be better. If not I will Hang Rving up and do something else. Getting a space in RV parks for the winter is getting harder all of the time. I could dry camp as my rig is fitted for dry camping with a solar system, But I turned 80 in November and not as able as I use to be. This may be our last year of RVing as we now know it. May just rent a Condo from here on out for the winter months.


Revamp My Solar System

I have been unhappy with the solar system in my 5th wheel since I purchased the 5th wheel used. Whoever installed the Solar system did a crummy poor job in my opinion. The only thing done right was the Solar panels, Everything else was wrong. First off they ran the wires from the solar panels down the vent for the refrigerator. That was OK, except they installed the Solar Controller there and hooked it to the tiny 12 volt wires to the fridge. The solar controller should be located in the battery compartment close to the batteries for Temperature and voltage control.


as you can see it is a mess. The push pull switch on the left was to cut off the output of the solar controller to prevent feed back when the system disconnect switch was off. very poor way to do things. Having to get into the refrigerator compartment to turn off the controller when the disconnect switch was thrown.


I removed the solar controller and the switch, and moved the solar controller to the front of the 5th wheel next to the batteries in the Battery compartment.


I spliced onto the wires from the solar panels and ran new wires by drilling a hole in the floor where the fridge sat over the furnace compartment and from there through the water compartment, and into the storage compartment.


wires for solar panels run along frame in big storage compartment. Drilled hole in wall to front battery compartment where I terminated the 2 number 10 gauge AWG wires from the solar panels and hooked them to the solar controller. I discovered that they had mounted the Inverter in this compartment making it hard to get to. you would have to unload everything and then crawl into the compartment to get to it after removing a panel. it has a fuse and a GFI that would be a pain to get to if you ever blew the fuse or tripped the GFI so I moved it to the battery compartment too.


This is the battery compartment before making modifications to it.


The first thing I had to do after installing the back board was to move the batteries to the left 10 inches so I could get into the wires and wiring looms on the right hand side where they came through the front lower right corner. The white you see is foam that I used to fill a 3 inch hole that several of the wires came through,above is the 2 fuse blocks with red covers. They were fastened to the metal floor next to a grounding lug and jammed in the corner. Very poor way to do it. I moved them up on the backboard that I installed.


This is the new modified Battery compartment. I installed a back board to mount stuff on 16 inches by five feet long. solar controller is on the far right. To the left of it is the 1500 watt inverter. to the left of the inverter is 30 amp fuse block to protect the solar panels, and the controller. To the left and down is a meter for battery condition and alarm. below the Big red switch is the shunt for the meter.The Big Red Switch above is to cut off power from the batteries to the system. The factory disconnect switch does not remove all of the power from the batteries. If the 5th wheel is in storage the batteries would run down in about a week or two, because the factory disconnect switch does not remove power from the slides, outside lights, and leveling system. This is by design from the factory. If in storage with the factory disconnect switch in the off position, the batteries will still be charged and maintained by the solar system. If I want to unhook the batteries from the system to work on it or other reasons then I can use the big red switch to do so.



All done and all set up the way I want it and the way it should have been done to begin with,


Installing Air Bags on my Tow Vehicle

I noticed when we were in Arizona a while back, that my truck sat a little low in the rear when hooked up to the 5th wheel trailer. So I decided to do something about it. That is why I decided to install air bags on the rear of my truck. I have installed air bags before on a F150, F250, and a F53 Motor Home. The one thing I was worried about was the fact that I had a Reese 16K 5th wheel hitch installed, and it had side plates running down the side of the frame to hold the Hitch rails in the bed of the truck. I choose Air Lift #88396 air bag kit with Jounce Bumpers inside. (so bags would not be damaged if ran without air). Air lift assured me I would not have to drill with the Reese Hitch side plates.

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Mod to Protect the Electronic in my 5th Wheel

This past winter we had a few Power Outages and Power Surges. Because I am hooked to shore power 24/7 When my 5th wheel is parked at home. I decided that I needed to do something to Protect the Electronics and Appliances in my 5th wheel. What follows is a picture story of what modifications that I did. Continue reading “Mod to Protect the Electronic in my 5th Wheel”

Adding Lights to a Dark Pantry

One of the problems with the pantry in our 5th wheel is it has deep Shelves and it makes it hard to see what is in there. Sometimes I’ve had to use a flashlight to see inside when searching for things. So I decided to install some lights in the 3 Compartments of the pantry. Continue reading “Adding Lights to a Dark Pantry”

More Storage from Small Cabinet

Gaining More Storage from Wasted Space

Something we all can use is more storage. There are many Places in a RV that are wasted space and can be made into useful storage. Such is the case in my 5th wheel. There is a small cabinet at the rear of my 5th wheel between the 2 recliners.


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