Good Sam ERS Good or Bad

Good Sam ERS will cover Boat Trailers But Not ATV Trailers that you tow. They say they cover your Vehicles? Beware read the fine print in your Good Sam ERS Contract

Well This is something I have needed to get off my chest for several Months now. I have been a member of Good Sam for many years and Have taken their ERS (Emergancy Road Service) for over 7 years now. I really liked it and have had good service from them until the past year. Last October while traveling between Needles California and Searchlight Nevada on Highway 95. I had a Blowout on a small trailer that I was towing. I was in the middle of nowhere. I got out a floor jack that I always carry and jacked up the trailer to put on the spare. I had just recently purchased this small trailer and didn’t realize that the lug wrench that I had, would not fit the lug bolts.

No problem I thought, I have Good Sam ERS. I’ll give them a call. (what a Joke) although it wasn’t funny at the time.

I got out my Cell Phone and called the number on my card. They answered after a few minutes and asked what the problem was. I told them that I had a blowout and needed someone to bring me a lug wrench. They asked what kind of trailer I had and I told them that it was a small trailer to haul my ATV on. They then informed me that ERS did not cover utility trailers. I said what do you mean and he replyed “read the fine print, it is in your contract”. I said well can you at least get me some help even if I have to pay for it. The person then got very huffy and snotty with me when I asked them to call someone to help me. It was Dark, Cold, and I was on a narrow stretch of road. They asked where I was and I told them including the mile post. The closest town was Needles or Searchlight I was between the 2 towns on highway 95.

They finally transfered my call to a towing service. The party on the other end of the line asked where I was and I told him. He said “Man I am 300 miles from there, you need to get someone from Needles or Searchlite” He then hung up. My Cell phone was going dead and I could not reach Good Sam ERS again. I finally walked 100 Yards up the highway to a call box and got a hold of CalTrans, WHo were very helpful and said they would send someone to help me.  I was stranded for over 3 hours. Finally a Ranger from Homeland Security Came by and stopped. He put on his flashing lights and could see I was in trouble. He asked what I needed. I told him I needed a lug wrench. He said no problem. Turned on some overhead lights, got in the back of his truck and came out with a lug wrench. He even changed the tire for me. About that time a large wrecker showed up that Cal Trans had sent. I guess he knew the Ranger from Homeland Security as they chated a few moments and he said to me Man you saved yourself a bundle of money and drove off. I thanked the Ranger and offered to pay him, but he said absolutly not. No thanks to Good Sam ERS.

I got a renewal notice last month from Good Sam ERS. I had been debating if I was going to renew or not. I had heard that they were bankrupt and I was a little leary about renewing, Especially since my last experiance with their service. I finally decided to renew and sent them a check on Feb 9th 2010. Today I got a renewal notice in the mail wanting to know if I got new cards and wanting a payment of XXX dollars to renew. I thought, “What the hell is going on” I paid for a full year and am good untill 30 April 2011. So I called them on the phone and they acknowledged that I was paid up until 4/30/2011.

I have noticed that their service has gotten slower and poorer compared to what it use to be. Their treatment of customers has changed. No wonder they are going broke or bankrupt with the kind of poor service they are now providing and the caliber of the people answering their phones at ERS. They must waste a lot of postage sending out payment renewals to those who have already paid.

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Author: Mel

I am a Retired PC Tech. My Wife and I love to travel in our Keystone Cougar 5th Wheel Trailer. I am a avid RVer and like to camp and travel. I am a commercial Pilot. I like to read and like country and western Music.

2 thoughts on “Good Sam ERS Good or Bad”

  1. I have had the same type of experiance with ERS in the past year. I really like their Emergancy Road Service, But if it keeps going down hill I will have to look else where.

  2. August 6, 2011
    Jackson Hole, WY
    I called Good Sam ERS today about 3 PM for assistance with a flat tire. After about 20 minutes on hold with a ERS CS operator I was told I wasn’t going to get any help. I changed the tire myself, put on the spare. Luckily I was able to hobble in to the Jackson Hole Airport parking lot. I have been a member of ERS for several years and the first time I need their help they’re not there.

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