USFS Backs off on Increasing Fee’s for Seniors

Well it looks like the USFS (Forest Service) Has Backed Off of Increasing the Half Price Fee’s for Seniors at Campgrounds and Parks. After a Public Outcry and many Emails, Letters and Phone Calls the Forest Service Chief Announced that he would not change the half price fee’s that would have affected Seniors. It seems that the Concessionaires that Operate the Parks and Campgrounds for the Forest Service were not to happy as they were behind a Push to have the Half Price Fee’s raised, which could have amounted to as much as a 90 Percent Increase to Seniors.

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Author: Mel

I am a Retired PC Tech. My Wife and I love to travel in our Keystone Cougar 5th Wheel Trailer. I am a avid RVer and like to camp and travel. I am a commercial Pilot. I like to read and like country and western Music.

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