Trip to Texas part 1

After getting rid of my 38 foot Pace Arrow Motorhome, I purchased a Used 2004 Nomad 25 Ft 5th wheel Trailer with 1 slide. It appeared to be in good shape and had not been used very much. The previous owner had kept it as a extra bedroom next to their park model so it had not been over the road very much. The Arizona Sun had faded the Decals on one side, but the interior was spotless and in good shape with no scratches or signs of wear. So it appeared in pretty good shape. I choose this 5th wheel because it was small, compact, and light enough to tow behind my 2004 F150 Ford 4 x 4. I had a new Reese 5th Wheel Sliding Hitch installed in the Bed of the truck and serviced everything in preparation for our yearly Trip to Texas to visit my Daughter. We stay anywhere from a month to two months at the Berry Springs RV Park in Georgetown Texas. So Begins a trip and adventure to remember.

My wife Bev and I  started on our trip Friday The 5th of Nov from Yuma Arizona. We spent Friday Sat & Sun in Benson Arizona Visiting Our Friends Billie and Jerry. We had a very good time and we enjoyed their hospitality. On our last day there we discovered that the black holding tank needed to be emptied. The Black tank was full and all but overflowing out of the toilet. I thought I would empty it along the way. We left on Monday and stopped at a TCA Gas station and restaurant. They had a dump station so I tried to empty the holding tanks there. The gray tanks emptied fine. But the *&%^*# (black Tank) would not empty. I thought that it was the valve, My friend Jerry thought that it was a plugged tank. We continued on our way to Van Horn Texas where we spent the night. Still could not empty the black tank so we used the restroom facilities when available and a waste can during the night.. Tuesday We left Van Horn heading for Georgetown Texas. Still could not empty the black tank so we stopped along the way at rest stops to use the bathroom and when none available used the waste can. Because of the problems with the black tank and no toilet I drove all the way to Georgetown on Tuesday arriving at 6:00 PM at the Berry Springs RV Park at Georgetown, where we stay when in Texas. I set up the 5th wheel in the dark and went to bed early. Got up this morning at 6:00AM and went to Walmart and a RV parts store and bought a new valve. I got a big plastic drop cloth and a 90 quart tub to put under the outlet from the #@%$^%$*(^# (black tank) so I could try to open the valve and replace it.

Well after fooling with it for a couple of hours I finally reached up in the pipe and discovered that the valve was opening and closing like it should but nothing but a little smelly liquid was coming out. So my friend Jerry was right. The Damn Thing was plugged. Back to Walmart and got a 25ft hose. a  Wand that spins while a high pressure stream shoots out the end and a 5ft Snake as well as a backflow valve. I put the wand and hose through a window and stuck the damn thing down the toilet. Turned on the water and let her rip. Still no joy. I finally jammed the snake down the toilet and cranked furiously. I also had a back flush valve on the outlet pipe with a water hose sending water up the outlet pipe. I started to remove the snake and it was stuck. I gave it a real hard yank and it came free with a big gob of hair on the end of it along with other unidentifiable stuff on it. Finally the tank emptied and flowed freely down the hose and into the sewer.

I flushed the tank several times and made sure it was empty and clean. We now have a toilet again. What a chore. 6 hours and about $80 worth of tools, material and a valve I didn’t need $12.95 for it. I guess the previous Owner never emptied the tank and it was probably half full and in the heat dried up and plugged the outlet pipe ahead of the valve. I would have thought that it would have loosened up after 1200 miles of driving down the road some of them bumpy and rough. No such luck though. I spent the rest of today leveling and setting up the 5th wheel and getting settled in. Tomorrow will set up the satellite dish and visit my daughter. Bev has everything clean and ship shape inside the rig. We will be here for at least a month and maybe more. I am bushed so will write part 2 later on. More about our adventures later.
Hell of a way to spend a Birthday! My Birthday was today the 10th of November.


Author: Mel

I am a Retired PC Tech. I love to travel in a Motor Home with my Wife. I am a avid RVer and like to camp and travel. I am a commercial Pilot and hold a Novell Education certificate in Networking configuration and installation. I like to read and like country and western Music.

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