Trip to Texas part 2

In part 1 I described our trip to Texas to spend a Christmas and a couple of months with my Daughter. The first few days was an adventure. with a few problems that I thought were solved and we were finally settled in, So I thought. No such luck. After getting the black tank empty and working properly I leveled the 5th wheel and started to get settled in for the duration of our stay. Fist off was to get the Satellite and TV working. Well I could not get the satellite dish aimed and zeroed in. Hmm something is wrong. So I put up the ANT and we watched a couple of local channels for the next few days. I had installed a Flat screen 26 inch HDTV before we left Yuma. Which enabled us to watch local TV. I Thought that maybe The dish was bad. They wanted $75 to come out and test the dish and LNB I said no way I can bring the dish to you and they said that would be $45 to test the Dish and another $45 to test the direct TV receiver. I said I would think about it and left the Direct TV Store. I knew that the receiver worked before we left home so I figured it had to be the dish.

I tried to buy another dish and LNB (they use to sell them in Walmart). But no such luck. Could not find one at a fair price in Georgetown. I found out that Camping world had a portable unit called a MP-1 with Tripod on sale.

MP-1 Portable Sattelite Dish
MP-1 Portable Satellite Dish

The nearest store was south of Austin at New Braunfels Texas about 85 miles away. So on a Sunday we made the trip to Camping World and I purchased the portable satellite dish and tripod. It came in a nice compact carrying case. We got back to Berry springs RV Park in Georgetown and I set it up. Still no Satellite. I am disgusted. I even borrowed a dish from my son in law and tried it. Still no luck.  A man by the name of ken in the RV park who had been watching me for the past week, finally  Came over and brought a special meter for testing Coax cable and circuits. Well after tracing cables and using His meter We found that someone had crimped the cable wrong on the outside AUX cable jack. Which was hidden and inside the wall. I was able to remove the jack and install a new cable end. That was the problem all of the time. Finally Satellite TV. I kept the MP-1 Portable Dish as it is compact and light weight. It will also work with Dish Network too. Would take a converter for it to work with HDTV which I don’t have and refuse to pay extra to Direct TV for. I can’t tell the difference anyway from regular TV.

A couple of day later it started to rain. Thats when I discovered a leak in the roof at the front right over my side of the bed. The water would leak in the overhead cuboard and then drip down at the head of the bed about a foot from the wall. Oh SH__t! What next??? I went a couple of miles north to Crestview RV and bought a couple of tubes of Dicor rv roof sealant and a roll of dicor 4 inch wide sealing tape. Very expensive, $105 for the tape. I came back to the 5th wheel and climbed up the ladder and got on the roof. Thats when I found out that the big skylite over the shower had been replaced at one time and the sealing job left a lot to be desired. The front seam on the front cap was also cracked . So I applied the tape around the skylite and over the crack on the front cap. That took care of the leak. Time to look for another rig. They have a big Thanksgiving and year end sale up at Crestview RV sales just north of here. HMmm, Stay tuned for part 3  along with pictures of the new 5th wheel and our further adventures of our trip to Texas.


Author: Mel

I am a Retired PC Tech. I love to travel in a Motor Home with my Wife. I am a avid RVer and like to camp and travel. I am a commercial Pilot and hold a Novell Education certificate in Networking configuration and installation. I like to read and like country and western Music.

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