Mel Interviewed By National RV Parks Com

Mel Interviewed by National RV Parks Com Interviewer is Shane of National RV Parks Com

Shane= What would be the best approach to take for a family that wants to go RVing but is on a tight budget. What do you suggest they do?

Mel= There are many things a Family who wants to RV on a tight budget, can do to cut expenses. Take shorter Trips. Dry Camp or Boondock saving the expense of staying in a full hookup RV Park. Visit State and National Parks. Many BLM lands have free parking with no Hookups. Many towns and cities have parking at fair grounds and parks for free or less than $10 fee with hookups. If traveling some rest areas and truck stops permit overnight stays for free. Be sure to keep tires on RV’s and tow vehicles at proper inflation pressure. Drive slower 50 to 60 MPH Max. Watch how much weight you are carrying. You would be surprised at what you can do without.

Shane= What experiences should a first time RVer/camper come to expect on there first RV vacation? How many life long friendships have you made from RVing ….

Mel=  First off I would recommend anyone who is new to Rving or has purchased a New RV Do what I call a Dry Run. Set up your RV in your Driveway or in a RV Park Close to Home, and live in it for a weekend. This will let you know what you need to take with you, and will let you know if something needs fixing before starting on your trip. You Can expect to meet many friendly people during your RV Journey, in the RV parks and Camp grounds as well as on the road. Most Rver’s are very friendly and willing to help someone who is a fellow Rver. I have made many friendships over my 40 Plus years of Rving. From Coast, to Coast, North to South in the USA and parts of Canada and Mexico.

Shane= What websites or blogs would you recommend to RVers visit before they travel on their next RV vacation?

Mel= There are many good RV sites and Forums. I would suggest any of the following forums or blogsites. Here are a few that I go to.

Shane= Do you recommend RVing as a family event?

Mel= Absolutely!

Shane= Try and think back to your first RV trip. Where did you go and can you offer any travel tips for first time RVers/campers?

Mel= One of my First Trips was to Flaming Gorge Utah in 1994 Dry Camping and Fishing. Caught our Breakfast every Morning. Rainbow Trout. Take your Fishing pole. Be Prepared.

Shane= What’s the difference between boondocking and regular Rving?

Mel= Full Hookups in a RV Park or no Hookups in the Boondocks.

Shane= What’s been the most exciting RV/camping trip you’ve ever been on?

Mel= They have all been exciting with many New Experiences, Sights, Meeting New Friends and Challenges along the way.


Author: Mel

I am a Retired PC Tech. I love to travel in a Motor Home with my Wife. I am a avid RVer and like to camp and travel. I am a commercial Pilot and hold a Novell Education certificate in Networking configuration and installation. I like to read and like country and western Music.

3 thoughts on “Mel Interviewed By National RV Parks Com”

  1. Thanks for this review of your interview Mel! , Surely it was great moment for which the interviewer was waiting for ! Really it was a great fun and also for sharing your experience which you had at the time of travel trip.

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