My RV Black Tank Adventure Mishap! Part 2

I explained in Part Onehow my 5th wheel Black Tank fell out of the belly and was laying on the ground while filling the fresh water tank. Well the next problem after figuring out what happened, and

RV Black Tank
RV Black Tank

Was to get the tank which was full back up into the 5th wheel. I could not move the 5th wheel and the tank was to heavy to lift it being full of water and sewage. Texas has some pretty strong laws about sewage and waste spillage. I called a couple of RV repair facilities and none would come out even to look when I explained what had happened. I called a Septic tank pumping company and they said they could come and put a 2 inch pipe down the toilet to pump the tank. They wanted $250 to pump a 45 gallon tank. No Way was I going to pay that unless there were no other choice.

I struggled and struggled, used wood block and a 2 x 4 but could not budge the tank. (It was to heavy). I finally hit on a solution that I thought just might work. I went to a auto parts store and bought a cheap floor jack on sale for $29 and then went to a home depot and had them cut me a 2 x 8 12 ft board into 1 ft lenths. I then bought a 16 quart plastic pan 4 inches tall and about 30 inches long to catch the sewage. I then started jacking the tank up using one of the blocks to keep from damaging the tank. I could only get it up about 2 inches at a time. I put the pan under the drain valve and would open it enough to fill the pan. Then I would carry the pan over to the sewer and pour the contents into the sewer dump. Block the tank place the jack further under the tank and jack the tank up another 2 inches praying that the pipe going up into the toilet would not come loose from the toilet or come out of the tank. Remember the tank is hanging from that pipe and the other end of the tank was on the ground, so I am behind the tank jacking it up at an angle keeping the jack from slipping and draining sewage into the pan a little bit at a time.

Well 3 days later I had the tank almost up in place and then discovered that the rails that the tank rides on would not let the tank up in place. I unhooked one end of one rail and managed to force the tank up in place. I then got my trucks bottle jack and jacked the rail back over so I could get the bolts back in the rail where it attached to the frame. What a job. It took me 5 days and about $100 for parts and the jack. I was lucky that the tank valve did not open or brake and spill the sewage out on the ground. I then bought a new flusher inlet cap where the water hose goes when flushing the tank. I painted the cap RED with a bottle of finger nail polish. I got a mobile car wash and detail out fit to come out and wash the 5th wheel. One of the neighbors remarked that there was white flakes comming off of the roof that looked like snow. When I investigated I found it was small particles of toilet paper about 1/4 inch in diameter. Also there was a brownish yellow streaks down one side by the roof vent. I’ll leave it to your imagination as to what it was. It cost $125 for the wash and clean up.

Hard Lesson Learned. When you are tired and after hours on the road stop and think, Don’t get in a hurry and be sure of where you hook the hose for city water. check before turning on the water. If your rv has a water flusher for the black tank besure the sewer hose is hooked up and the dump (sewer) Valve is open or you just might have a big mess of sewage inside your RV coming out of the toilet or shooting out the top of the sewer vent on the roof of your rv. Then again the tank could burst and fall out spilling everthing undeneath the RV. I have talked to many friends who own RV’s and the same thing has happened to a good share of them. Only difference is their black tanks did not fall out. Their toilets over flowed and the sewage ran all over the inside of there RV. All in All I feel very Lucky.


Author: Mel

I am a Retired PC Tech. My Wife and I love to travel in our Keystone Cougar 5th Wheel Trailer. I am a avid RVer and like to camp and travel. I am a commercial Pilot. I like to read and like country and western Music.

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