5 Days in Dillon Montana

RV Bloggers Online: 5 Days in Dillon Montana.

We left Wells Nevada Last Thursday May 3rd Headed to Dillon Montana for a 5 Day Family Get Together for Our Grandsons Graduation from Western Montana College in Dillon Montana and a little Fishing, weather permitting. Nothing like killing two birds with one stone so the saying goes. We took our Jayco Designer and F250 Super Duty. The weather on the way was not as bad as expected. We drove 50 to 60 mph and got there early evening about 10 hours stopping for fuel and something to eat along the way, as well as a few potty breaks. We tied up on private property at a vacation rental that the Kids had reserved for 5 days and nights.
About $1200 for 10 people. We parked the 5th wheel and got set up for dry camping. It was cloudy and cold. The Vacation Rental House was very nice with lots of amenities and a huge deck with a fire pit in the center of it. It was located on the Banks of the Beaverhead River. 

We parked the 5th Wheel by a detached garage next to the river and the back yard of the House. We made Coffee and Sandwiches and sat around shooting the breeze. Went to bed when it got dark and setteled in for the night. It was cold and the furnace ran most of the night. I got up the next morning and it was 24 deg F. To cold to go fishing so we had breakfast and sat around waiting for the rest of the Family to Show up. Some were Driving and some were flying in from Idaho, Nevada, Montana and Colorado. When everyone got there we went into Dillon to a Cafe called Sparky’s and had dinner. Sparky’s was like a old garage service station with lots of old Garage Service Station memorabella hanging on the walls and a old time gas pumpoff to one side. I had a pulled pork sandwich. It was good. I went and visited a niece who lives in Dillon and borrowed a Fishing pole and some flys and lures. She had a newborn Baby boy a couple of weeks old which I got to see and hold.

Friday Night we had a small fire in the fire pit on the deck, It was another cold Night and the furnace never quit running. I started the generator when I got up Saturday Morning, in Hopes it would charge the batteries up. We got ready and went to our Grand Sons Graduation at the college gym. One speaker a lady who was retiring was long winded and I thought she would never get done. Finally she stopped and the ceramony began. There were 229 Graduating. It was nice to see our grandson graduate, But boy was I sore from sitting. Went back to the 5th wheel and got the fishing gear. I had purchased a 10 day License while in Dillon the day before and wanted to try my luck. I fished the river awhile and lost a few lures. It was swift and running High. The fly fishermen were doing OK. One 10 year old girl in our party got a Nice Trout on a lure out of the river and skunked the rest of us.

Saturday Night the furnace quit working because the furnace ran out of Juice. (batteries got to low to run the blowwer). It was bitter cold and I woke up at 5 am I hooked up a heavy duty power cord to a box on a powerpole with yard lite in the back yard and hooked up a battery charger that I carry with me. I charged the batteries enough to start the generator and made a pot of coffee. I left the battery charger on until we left on Tuesday the 8th of May. We went to a Resivoir called Clark about 15 miles south on I-15. It was cold and windy The little 10 year old girl got into her waders and caught another Nice German Brown Trout with a lure. One of the other guys got a trout with a fly rod and a gray hackle fly. After a short time I went and sat in the truck. to cold for me and the wind was blowing. Sunday Evening we took our niece and her husband out to dinner to a place called the Den. We had a nice dinner and a good time visiting. Sunday night was warmer and the furnace ran ok with the battery charger still charging the batteries.

Monday morning there was Dew on the Pumpkin, but it was not as cold and it warmed up fast. It turned out to be a nice day and was warm in the 70’s. I fished the river and drowned a few worms and lost another lure. That after noon we went to Clark Resivoir again. No luck for me again. We had taken our truck so I went back to the 5th wheel and gathered up my Niece’s fishing gera and loaded it in the truck to take back to her. We went into Dillon got a bottle of LPG and returned the fishing gear to my Niece. We said our goodbys and went back to the 5th wheel to settle in for the night. Hooked up the full bottle of propane and checked the batteries still not fully charged, so I let the charger keep on charging them. Monday night was not very cold.

Got up bright and early Tuesday Morning and got the 5th wheel ready to roll. got the truck hooked up and the lights and brakes checked. We said our goodbys to everyone and pulled out just after 8 am dillon time. I drove a steady 55 to 60 MPH all of the way to Wells Nevada. Only stopping for Fuel, potty breaks and something to eat. We pulled into wells at 4:30 PM Tuesday the 8th of May. I put the 5th wheel away after dumping the holding tanks and hooking to electricity. Unloaded some of our stuff and part of the fridge. We had one loan trout that one of the kids gave us. So I will cook it up in a few days. All in all a good happy trip with Family.


Author: Mel

I am a Retired PC Tech. I love to travel in a Motor Home with my Wife. I am a avid RVer and like to camp and travel. I am a commercial Pilot and hold a Novell Education certificate in Networking configuration and installation. I like to read and like country and western Music.

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