Winterizing My Travel Trailer My Folly and Adventure

After my trip to Wells, Nevada a few days ago. I decided it was time to winterize my Travel Trailer as it is starting to get cold and we won’t be heading to warmer climates until December or maybe Springtime. What follows is my folly and adventure winterizing my Denali 289RK Travel trailer.

First off I went to my local RV Store and Bought a Camco hand Pump, to pump anti freeze into the city water inlet on the side of the Travel Trailer. I also bought a Camco Screw in Air Nipple, so I could blow the water out of the lines at the city water inlet, and bought four gallons of RV Antifreeze from Walmart. The first thing I did was to drain the fresh water tank. You have to crawl underneath the trailer by the steps to the entrance to get to the drain plug. I layed on a old piece of carpet and proceeded to unscrew the plug. Water leaking down my arms as I did so. Then with a woosh the plug came out splashing water in my face and on my chest. I Bumped my head while trying to scramble out from under the trailer. Lucky no damage, Hard head I guess.

Next I went to the water heater bypass valves.   You have to Lay on the floor in the kitchen open a cupboard  door under the stove, unload the cupboard and remove a panel to get to the water Heater bypass valves. You almost have to be a Contortionist to do it.  I

Water Heater Bypass Valves
Water Heater Bypass Valves

opened all of the water faucets in the shower and sinks, and then took my screw in air nipple and screwed it into the city water inlet on the side of the trailer. I made sure that the air pressure from my air compressor was set at 40 Lbs and proceeded to put air into the inlet. Blowing water out of the lines into the sinks and shower splashing water all over everything. Hmm those water lines hold a lot of water. After cleaning up the mess I hooked the hand pump to the water inlet and started to pump RV antifreeze into the lines, going inside to check to see if the red antifreeze had come out of the faucets yet. After 2 gallons and nothing out of the faucets, something is wrong. I found that it was pumping the antifreeze into the hot water tank, I had turned one of the valves the wrong way. I then drained the water tank losing two gallons of antifreeze, after turning the bypass valve the correct way. I started to hand pump the antifreeze into the lines again and found it was very hard to pump, Then to my surprise the hose on the pump blew off, and antifreeze shot out hitting me in the face and mouth, getting on my cloths and in my hair. What a mess. Enough of that.

I remembered that when I de-winterized my Trailer last year, that the inlet line to the water pump had to be connected as it was disconnected when it was winterized by the dealership the year before. Playing the contortionist again, I layed on the floor in the DSCF0005abbathroom and removed a panel below the sink to get at the water pump. After all but standing on my head I managed to undue the clamp and removed the inlet water line from the pump. Then it hit me why not get a 3 ft piece of 1/2 inch clear water hose and hook to the pump and let the pump draw the antifreeze out of the Gallon Jugs, opening each faucet until the red antifreeze was coming out. I did this and then poured antifreeze down each drain to protect the P-Traps.

Maybe next year I will go south early before it gets cold, and won’t have to worry about this Sh_t!


Author: Mel

I am a Retired PC Tech. My Wife and I love to travel in our Keystone Cougar 5th Wheel Trailer. I am a avid RVer and like to camp and travel. I am a commercial Pilot. I like to read and like country and western Music.

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