Why I Switched Back to a Motor Home From a Travel Trailer

We Loved our Travel Trailer, but I switched back to a Older Motor Home. We had a 2012 Dutchman Denali travel trailer, Which was like brand new, hardly used at all. I have owned several Motor homes over the years as well as several 5th wheel trailers and one other Travel trailer about 40 years ago. We switched from a 5th wheel to the Denali Travel Trailer a year and a half ago. I got tired of driving the TT down the road between 50 and 55 mph and at the end of a 300 mile trip I was beat. It was setup correctly with a WD Hitch and sway control, but like any long TT 34 ft end to end, It was a handful in windy conditions and when large semis doing 70 and 75 mph passed me doing 55 mph. My tow Veh was a F250 super duty Diesel plenty of truck and heavy enough to handle the trailer. Then there was the problem of set up when we reached our destination. Levelling and set up took a lot longer especially after being on the road all day and being tired. Not near as easy as a Motor home that has auto levellers. Then there was the cost factor, maintaining a diesel truck is not cheap and TT if pulled very much especially if pulled over rough roads tend to fall apart. We figured that we would not be travelling as much and would be staying in one place for long periods of time. I found out that my Denali was starting to deteriorate from sitting unused. and with over $40K Plus tied up in the Trailer and the Truck it was time to make a change.

I got a Older Motor Home in good shape with only 42,000 miles on it and I bought a Jeep Liberty for a Toad and outfitted it with Blue OX tow bar and Equipment. all for less than half of what it cost for the TT and Truck. I know I know I will be maintaining two Vehicles. Well let me tell you I can maintain the Motor Home and the Jeep for oil and filter changes for less than half what it cost for the diesel truck. as far as coach maintenance I doubt if it would be any different than the trailer. Like the trailer everything is on one level. I can pull into my camping spot, press a button on the dash and level the motor home. No backing up and placing boards under the wheels trial and error to try and get the TT Level. Hook up the water and power and I am good to go all of ten minutes at the most. For those of you who say what about unhooking the toad. Well I pull 2 pins and fold the tow bar up on the motor home hitch unhook the safety cables and the wiring harness and I am good to go. With a electric jack it took 5 minutes alone just to jack the trailer up and get it unhooked from the ball and then still had unhook safety chains and the wiring harness. at Many RV sites I had to unhook and park the big truck along side or in another area. If I wanted to go to the store or shopping I had to jack up the Trailer and unhook and then go through the same procedure to Get the trailer ready to tow.

For many of you This is no biggy, but for me after having several Motor Homes it is. The handling, the ease of set up, The handling on the road and arriving at my destination refreshed and not tired from fighting the road all day pulling the trailer, means a lot to me. I have driven Motor Homes in all kinds of weather with out white knuckles. I would not pull the trailer in High winds and heaven forbid Ice and snow. So there you have it and my reasons for switching back to a Motor Home. Please don’t take offence and I am not knocking any ones RV. This is my Opinion after almost 50 years of RVing. Even a older Motor home is the only way for me.



Author: Mel

I am a Retired PC Tech. I love to travel in a Motor Home with my Wife. I am a avid RVer and like to camp and travel. I am a commercial Pilot and hold a Novell Education certificate in Networking configuration and installation. I like to read and like country and western Music.

2 thoughts on “Why I Switched Back to a Motor Home From a Travel Trailer”

  1. We’re in a 5th wheel, our first RV. Both of our parents had TT. Then my mom remarried (after being a widow for 5 years) a man who has also RVd for about 45 years. After his wife passed, he bought his dream Class A Motor Home. They became full timers pretty quickly, but they settled down near us. Mom was 80 when they married and was legally blind. So after a nasty fall in a park, they moved into a home without wheels. Then my DH became the caretaker of it and after one trip to our house to wash it down, he commented how he didn’t like driving it. But he still had a dream of a Class A…long story short, we needed an RV fast, after his 3 years of day dreaming, so we ended up with an extra light 5th wheel and a ford F-150 ecoboost. After just 10 months of “extended” travel, we sold everything and went full time (July 16, 2014) in the same. But now, he’s talking to many more MH owners and is dream is back alive, for the very reason’s you’ve said. BUT one Winnebago owner, parked between us and a HUGE 5th wheel, said we’d never have the “space” in a MH like a 5th wheel. That is what sold us on our 5th wheel, we stepped inside it at a show and just felt at home….
    Our real issue now is that we are spending more and more time in freezing weather because that is where our 15 month old grandson lives – the love of our lives now! We can’t wait to take him on the road with us….

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