working on my Jeep Liberty

I’ve been working on my jeep liberty getting it ready to tow behind my Motor Home. A couple of days ago I got the Blue Ox Tow Bar Base Plate and brackets. The install was a snap and pretty easy. I only had to Drill two Holes and it fit perfectly. Fairly easy install and the instructions for the most part were correct. Now fast forward to the last two days which have been very busy for me. Got the wiring kit for my Jeep yesterday You know the one that is supposed to be a 15 minute install, Well believe me it ain’t. 6 hours yesterday and about 2 hours today. It works great once you get it installed. First off it is made to be installed on the inside of the vehicle because of the controller box but there is no way to get to the tail lights from inside. Using a access port in the floor on the drivers side I could get to that taillight. using a hole saw I was able to cut a hole to the inside of the cargo compartment on the passenger side, But that left the  controller box in the middle of the floor in the cargo compartment. Back to Lowes hardware and got some 16 gauge wire so I could cut and lengthen the wires on the passenger side by 40 inches so I could mount the controller on the drivers side wheel well instead of in the middle of the cargo floor. I had to take all of the trim off or loose on the drivers side to run the wiring to the front where the tow bar hooks to the jeep. had to go through a wiring boot to get through the fire wall. Anyway I got it all done except for putting a trailer connector on the tow bar bracket.

While I was finishing up today the Receiver hitch came via UPS so I decided to install it 15 minute job right, Wrong. The welded nuts in the frame were rusty and you could not get a bolt to go in them. So off to Lowes to get a tap you know one of those things to make threads in metal. I sprayed the 4 nuts in the frame with knock rust and then used the tap. as most of you probably know the tap takes a special T handle to turn it with but that won’t fit because of exhaust pipe and gas tank in the way. So I used a 9mm socket on the square end of the tap and when that slipped I had to use a 10 inch crescent  wrench. Laying on my back turning the tap 1/4th turn at a time backing out after every turn with cutting oil and rust falling down in my hair and face. finally I got it installed using my air wrench. Now I had to torque the bolts to 68 ft lbs. I needed a 10 inch extension for my 1/2 drive  torque wrench. Could not find one in my tools. Back to Lowes again (they ought to know me by name now). I bought a set of them 3, 5, and 10 inch. Got the bolts torqued and called it a day. Was it all worth it? To me it was I saved about $405 Parts and labor so far and another $400 to $500 on the tow Bar I bought on Ebay used Blue Ox Aladdin it is like new. so goes life I guess. Got my LED Lights yesterday 20 of them for $33 they replace the 1841’s in my motor home. Guess I will be changing them out tomorrow. My Blue OX Appolo Braking System for the jeep arrived today. Will install and test it out. I got it used for $199 off of Ebay But that’s another story.


Author: Mel

I am a Retired PC Tech. I love to travel in a Motor Home with my Wife. I am a avid RVer and like to camp and travel. I am a commercial Pilot and hold a Novell Education certificate in Networking configuration and installation. I like to read and like country and western Music.

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