RV Opinion & Viewpoints: RV Warranties and Accessories Rip Off’s

RV Opinion & Viewpoints: RV Warranties and Accessories Rip Off’s.

RV Warranties and Accessories Rip Off’s


Over the Years I have come to the conclusion That many of the RV Warranties and Accessories that Most of the dealers tout, and try to get you to buy, are big Rip Offs Both in Price and Usefulness. Most Items can be purchased else where for a lot less money. All you have to do is shop around online, and check prices.. Here are some examples.

1. Extended Warranties In most cases they really are not necessary, and they make a lot of money for the dealers that sell them. Had a 5 year extended warranty on a TT that cost $5,000 had it for 1 year 3 months, and sold the TT. My refund for the unused portion was only $1,500, that’s not a very equitable Prorate of the remaining Time left on the warranty which was never used. I could have replaced or repaired anything that would have went wrong for a lot less money. You are better off putting the money in the bank in case something goes wrong after the warranty runs out. If you feel you just have to have one, Shop around for the best price that meets your needs. Up to 50% cheaper if not bought from a dealer.

2. RV Toilet Paper. What a money maker and rip off, It is not needed period. Toilet paper even the strongest kind will break up and turn to liquid, in a few miles or a trip around the park a few times. Don’t fall for the scare stories. It is not the toilet paper that Plugs Up. It is the Brown Sludge That is caused by not enough water when Flushing, and not enough water in the Black Tank when emptying it.

3. Black Tank Chemicals. Over priced and most don’t do the job anyway. A cheaper alternative method is to make your own. Here is a recipe that I have used when needed for over 15 years.
1 cup arm and hammer baking soda or 8 Oz box

1 cup Pine Sol

1 cup of fabric softener Any brand I use whatever the dollar store has.

1 cup of household ammonia.

put contents into a Gallon plastic Jug add water to fill and shake well. pour a cup or two down the toilet and put some in each drain Sink or Shower. I have been in death valley dry camping for 2 weeks with temps over 100 deg and never had a smell or problem. This mixture not only keeps the smell away but lubricates the Valves and keeps the sensors in the tanks clean.

4. LED’s Light Emitting Diodes. When replacing your Light bulbs with L.E.D.s don’t buy from CW or the dealer. Although prices have come way down in recent years, why pay the dealer or CW $24 for 6 bulbs when you can buy them off of the Internet a lot cheaper. I bought 20 LED’s for my Motor home from a company here is the  USA shipping took 3 days. 20 of them cost $33 a far cry from the $300 I paid at Quartzite 3 years ago. THe same amount at CW or a dealer would have been over $65 Plus tax.

From time to time I will add to this. Lets have your comments Pro or Con and anything you would like to add.


Author: Mel

I am a Retired PC Tech. My Wife and I love to travel in our Keystone Cougar 5th Wheel Trailer. I am a avid RVer and like to camp and travel. I am a commercial Pilot. I like to read and like country and western Music.

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