Battery Minder and Charge Wizard

Like the Title says, Battery Minder and Charge Wizard. Two different things for two different purposes. I will start with the Battery Minder first. I like most of the RVer’s that I know, have their RV’s parked for long periods of time Plugged into shore power. In most modern RV’s the House Batteries are charged by the Converter while plugged into shore power. But what about the Chassis Battery? Often times they run down from sitting for a long period of time. This can be critical in the winter, If you can’t start your Motor home to keep the battery fully charged. Maybe your motor home is plugged in at a storage facility or somewhere away from home and you can’t or don’t want to go and start the motor home every couple of weeks. With the cold northern temperatures a discharged battery can freeze destroying the battery or severely shortening the life. Batteries are expensive. What to do. I found a simple solution to my problem short of starting the motor home every few weeks to keep the chassis battery fully charged. I went to Walmart and bought what is called a battery Minder or tender if you will. It cost $18 and keeps the chassis battery fully charged when plugged into shore power. It is automatic and will not overcharge the battery. I have used one for several years now and never had a problem. For me that is much better than removing the chassis battery, and storing it in a warm place. I want my Motor home always ready to go except for the water tank and water lines which I winterize if unable to store motor home in a warmer climate.

Now lets take a look at the Inteli Power Charge Wizard. Except for the most modern or 3 stage Converters, most will over charge your House Batteries or not keep them fully charged. This is a problem and you have to keep a eye on the water levels in your batteries when plugged into shore power for a extended period of time. If you don’t have a modern 3 stage converter, What to do? If you happen to be lucky enough, (depending on how you look at it) to have a Inteli Power 9100 series converter, then you can purchase a Charge Wizard $20 to $40 depending on where you buy it. The Inteli Power 9100 Charge Wizard for lead acid batteries Will act like a 3 stage Converter maintaining your House or coach batteries with out over charging them and will even de-sulfate the plates in the batteries. Automatic or manual mode. I have also used a charge wizard for several years now. I ruined a brand new set of Deep Cycle Marine Batteries several Years ago when I was plugged into shore power for several months and the water level went below the battery plates from being overcharged by the converter / battery charger. It was an expensive lesson. Most of the RV’s that I have owned have had the Inteli Power 9100 series Converters in them. If I owned a RV that did not have a modern 3 stage Converter or a Inteli Power with charge Wizard, I would change it out.

My Inteli Power PD9160A converter / charger has a place on the front of the unit above the fuse’s where you plug in the Charge wizard. The charge wizard is a PD9105 and comes with a 6 ft cord and a controller with a light on it and a mode switch.


Author: Mel

I am a Retired PC Tech. I love to travel in a Motor Home with my Wife. I am a avid RVer and like to camp and travel. I am a commercial Pilot and hold a Novell Education certificate in Networking configuration and installation. I like to read and like country and western Music.

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