Trip to Arizona

Part one of ?

So Far we have had a nice trip. We left Ogden, UT on the Morning of the 10 th of february and traveled to mequite Nevada where we stayed at the Oasis RV Park. $20 a night full hookups. Originally we were going to stay in Cedar City, UT, but the weather was nice and I was not tired driving the Motor Home and towing our Jeep Liberty, so we pushed on and tied up in Mesquite, NV. Got up next morning on the 11th of February and continued on our way, Heading to Wickenburg, AZ. We got there and the weather was good, but I could not find the RV park that I wanted to stay at. Got lost and got down a restricted street, But managed to go through a car wash to get out as there was no place to turn around. Sure glad I was not towing a travel trailer or fifth wheel. I decided to go on and find a RV Park someplace else. Down 93 I went, Up hills and down Dales and around twisting winding roads until it was Dark and I found myself on the out skirts of Phoenix AZ. Sure glad I had a Garmin GPS, it took us through rush hour horrendous traffic to connect with I-10 / I-8. I finally stopped on the west side of Phoenix at a Flying J truck stop in Eloy, AZ. I parked between two Semi’s which were not reefers. No motors running. I asked the manager if I could stay there the night and get some sleep. She said yes, so we tied up for the night. Got up next morning, gassed up and made a easy trip to Benson, AZ Where we stayed at friends Billie and Jerry’s untill Tuesday the 17th. They were wonderful and the hospitality was great. We have been good friends for many years. I relaxed and got a much needed rest. The Motor Home Performed without a problem even in  the hills and mountains and going through stop and go in Phoenix. The  Big block Ford 460 V-8 with Banks Headers and Ram Air didn’t work up a sweat and I got 7.8 MPG on the first leg of our journey and 7.2 on the second leg.

On the 17th we headed to Yuma, AZ. Got there about 1:00 PM, and tied up at the Adobe Village RV Park.
adobe village
Very reasonable for this time of year. Most of the other parks wanted $35 to $40 a night and $210 to $350 a week. The park is neat and clean, with concrete patios and paved roads. The sites are gravel and Back ins. No pull throughs, but the sites are big and can accomidate the biggest rigs. The only drawback is no WiFi. They do have nice laundry facilities and cable TV. We are going to spend another week. The weather is great although a little warm during the day, But hey that is why we come to Arizona. I Love to soak up the sunshile from Ol Sol and the warmth. Stay tuned for part 2.
space95Parked our RV at space 95 at Adobe Village in Yuma Arizona


Author: Mel

I am a Retired PC Tech. I love to travel in a Motor Home with my Wife. I am a avid RVer and like to camp and travel. I am a commercial Pilot and hold a Novell Education certificate in Networking configuration and installation. I like to read and like country and western Music.

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