Moving my RV Service Connection

Like the title says “Moving my RV Service Connection” I had contemplated doing this for some time. The opportunity came when I wanted to install electrical power in my shed and a security light. When My motor home was parked on its RV pad I had to hook two 50 amp 30 ft cables together to reach my motor home because my RV electrical service connection was mounted on the side of my garage.. So I decided since I was going to run power to my shed which is only 6 feet from my Motor home, That now would be a good time to move the RV Electrical  Service Connection. It required 65 feet of #6 cable, 60 feet of Sch 40 gray conduit, a 2 circuit breaker sub panel with a 20 amp and a 30 amp breaker, and some duplex outlet boxes and a security lite.

Where the Old RV Electrical Service was.

This is where the old RV electrical Service was on the side of the garage. The Main Breaker panel with the 50 amp circuit breakers for the RV Service is in the garage. I buried the conduit along the side of the garage but mounted the conduit on the side of the house going to the shed out back. I then buried the conduit under the patio walkway to get to the shed.

conduit along side of house

The above picture is of the conduit running just under the siding mounted on the concrete foundation just before going under the patio walkway to the shed. I then brought the conduit into the side of the shed and to a sub panel which has 2 circuit breakers for a security light and some duplex outlets to plug in power tools.

Inlet to side of shed

This is where the Conduit enters the side of the shed to the sub panel and to the RV Connection Box. The 50 amp cable goes straight through the sub panel box to the RV connection box. with a take off for the 2 circuit breakers in the sub panel.

RV box mounted on front of shed

This is the RV 50 amp connection box mounted on the front of the shed. It is a much better set up and more secure because I only have to use the one cable which is secured inside a locked compartment. The motion sensor security light is mounted on the front of the shed and shines down the side and back of the motor home when lit. The other half of the light shines on the patio and the back yard. I now have a work light in the shed and a couple of Duplex outlets to plug in power tools. I will never be using the full 50 amps because the motor home will only be running the battery charger and maybe a light or two if I go into it at night. So no worry about overload. Total cost of the project for parts was about $300 that copper cable is expensive. Labor was free, I did it myself.






Author: Mel

I am a Retired PC Tech. My Wife and I love to travel in our Keystone Cougar 5th Wheel Trailer. I am a avid RVer and like to camp and travel. I am a commercial Pilot. I like to read and like country and western Music.

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