More Mods to my Motor Home

For the last couple of days I have added a couple more mods to my Motor Home. First off was a Mod to add a Hybrid Electric Conversion Kit To my Propane Water Heater. This was so I could have hot water when on Shore power without using Propane Gas. I will say right off the Bat that this Mod for me was well worth the $65 for the Kit, On Electric alone The water was heated in about 30 minutes to 120 Deg F with out using Propane Gas. First thing was to run 110 Volt Power to the Water heater. From a Previous mod converting 30 amp service to 50 amp service I had a 70 amp Load center Under the Bed with a spare 20 amp Breaker in it. so I purchased a 25 ft roll of Outside 12-2 W/Grd and ran it thru the floor (I used an existing hole)  to a place under the sink cabinet where the water heater was. (Drilled a Hole in Floor) to run the wire up thru the floor to a GFCI Duplex receptacle in a metal Box. I also ran a piece of Romex to a Duplex Receptacle on the side of the kitchen cabinet for extra outlets in the kitchen. See picture Below.

Electrical Wiring for Water heater 

 In the picture on the Top, you can see the Water heater under the Kitchen Sink Cabinet, and the GFCI Duplex Receptacle in the metal box at bottom of the picture. The yellow romex Wire coming out the top of the Receptacle box goes to the Extra duplex Receptacle on the right side of the Kitchen Cabinet. In the center of the picture You can see the thermostat, which is set to 120 Deg F. The picture on the bottom shows the Electric on and off switch to the Left of the Duplex Receptacle. This switch Lights red when on. The Duplex Receptacle is also GFCI Protected Because of close proximity to Kitchen Sink. The instructions were complete and everything was color coded. The only Extras I had to purchase, was the GFCI Metal Box romex and Receptacles.

Switch and Receptacle

Picture above is the Switch to turn on Electric to the water heater and the Extra GFCI Duplex Receptacle.

My Next Mod was to install a Turbo Black Tank Flusher. I purchased a Camco Turbo Flusher on the Internet for $31 The installation was Straight forward and except for laying on my back under the motor home was easy to do. I taped the Template furnished in the kit to the side of the tank. I did not want to install it in the end of the tank, for 2 reasons, The end of the tank was partly blocked by a mud flap and the dual wheels. I would have had to use a Angle drill to drill the screw holes for the flusher. The second reason was by mounting the Turbo Flusher in the side it will spray directly on the tank Senjsors cleaning them so I can get accurate readings on the Indicators,showing how full the tank is. After taping the template to the side of the tank, I Then drilled the Holes for the flusher screws and a Pilot hole in the center for the 1 3/4th Hole drilled with a hole saw. I used duck tape to hold the cardboard template in place while I drilled the holes. Put 100 percent white silicone on the turbo flusher flange, being careful not to get any on the Turbo itself. I had already hooked the flusher to a hose to make sure that the Turbo Worked. It really puts out a spray in all directions. Should clean the inside of the tank and the sensors real good.

flusher installed in side of tank

The picture above shows the Turbo Flusher Mounted in the Side of the Tank. It is waiting for the 100 percent Silicone to dry before I connect the Hose Line to it. The water Hose inlet in the package is kind of mickey mouse with a mounting bracket to mount it to the under side of the side wall at the bottom or else use nylon ties and hook it to the drain line. I wanted a better neater job than that. So I went to a trailer supply here in town and purchased a City Water Inlet Wall Flush Mounted with a Back Flow check valve. This way nothing will come back from the tank. I mounted it above the tank on the side wall just below sewer hose storage compartment. See picture below.

flush mounted Water inlet for Turbo Flusher

Water hose goes here to turbo flush Black Tank. What am I going to do next? Well I want to add a couple of 12 Volt LED reading lamps on each side of the bed. I want to add either a Roadmaster Reflex Steering Stabilizer or maybe a Steer Safe which I would have installed at the Steer Safe Factory in Deming New Mexico when on our next trip to Texas. I am sure I can come up with a few more things in the mean time.




Author: Mel

I am a Retired PC Tech. I love to travel in a Motor Home with my Wife. I am a avid RVer and like to camp and travel. I am a commercial Pilot and hold a Novell Education certificate in Networking configuration and installation. I like to read and like country and western Music.

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