Audio Amp and Speakers for Motor Home TV

While I was installing The Dash Cam in my Motor Home, and While I had the TV Removed from the Cavity I decide that it would be a good time to add a couple of speakers and a Audio Amplifier to boost the Volume on the TV set. The TV is a 32 inch LED Insignia that I got on sale at Best Buy for $179. Beautiful Picture, But the speakers are very anemic, and do not supply enough volume.  So while running wires for the Dash Cam and with the TV Cavity open I decided to do something about it. I ordered a 80 Watt Lepy LP168HA Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier for $30 from Amazon. I ran Wires from the existing speakers that were on each side. I then added 2 speakers in the TV Cavity for a SubWoofer which gave me more base and a better sound. See the picture below.

TV Cavity with speakers added for Subwoofer

The Audio Amp is not shown in the picture. It is mounted on the right hand side. I can reach in under the TV to turn it on and adjust the controls. It has Power switch, Power indicator, Treble, Bass, and main volume control. It also has Sub Woofer Level, and sub woofer Cross-Over control  with Signal indicator. It has RCA Audio Inputs as well as a Mini Aux input and a 5 Volt USB Output for charging MP Players, Cell phones and other devices. The power input is 12 volt DC which is supplied by a 110 Volt AC transformer included with the amp. It could also be hooked to 12 DC from the Coach batteries. I chose to use the AC adapter because the only time I will be using it is with the TV, DVD, or some other device using the inverter or shore power. By the way the LED TV is also 12 volt.

I put everything back together and tested it out. It works great and I can now hear the TV. I may add a couple of more speakers at the mid coach level if there are wires there already or if I can run some without to much trouble.


 Update: Added some pictures below.













The above pictures above are the front and rear views of the Lepai Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier and a picture of it Under the TV and mounted on the right hand side. There is room to get in and turn it on or adjust the settings.




In the pictures above you can see the Drivers side speaker without the black cover left picture and the picture on the right is the speaker with the black cover installed. and the last picture is the Final result with everything installed.




Author: Mel

I am a Retired PC Tech. I love to travel in a Motor Home with my Wife. I am a avid RVer and like to camp and travel. I am a commercial Pilot and hold a Novell Education certificate in Networking configuration and installation. I like to read and like country and western Music.

1 thought on “Audio Amp and Speakers for Motor Home TV”

  1. Nice job, I am sure that made a huge difference. Now you can actually hear the tv instead of having to read the closed captioning! LOL. I had the same problem with my flat screen. Very low audio. For a quick fix I took a 1/8″ audio line from the headphone jack on the back of the TV and routed it behind the TV and down to the Cab’s stereo. Its plugged into the AUX port on the kenwood stereo and the TV audio now is stereo coming through the speakers in the cab (in front of viewer) and the speakers mid-coach (behind viewer). Any improvement of the sound of flat screen TV’s seems to be greatly noticeable.

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