On Our Way to Texas Again!

On Our Way to Texas Again!

After having to cancel our trip to Texas a couple of weeks ago because of Family Medical Problems, we are on our way once again taking our Daughter to her home in Texas. In preparation for the trip, I checked everything over on the Motor Home and called the RV Park in Georgetown Texas where we wanted to stay. They were full up and so was every RV park within a 50 mile radius. We delayed the trip another few days and our favorite park at Berry Springs in Georgetown Texas had a Cancellation. I took it and told them I would be there on the 25th or 26th of Oct Planning on 4 to 5 days to get there. I only like to drive 300 to 350 miles a day.


We headed out on Oct 23rd from Ogden Utah with plans to stay in Monticello Utah 312 miles the first night. We got there and the park we wanted to stay at was full, so I decided to push on finding a park somewhere down the road. That was mistake number two, the first one being not having reservations. We headed on down Highway 191 Passing through the corner of Colorado and into New Mexico and on to Gallup NM 408 miles from Ogden Utah. After getting Gas We started to tie up for the night in a large parking lot as there where a few truckers tied up there. No RV parks. There was a knock on the door and a couple of seedy looking characters wanted a ride and some money. I said no and we left the parking lot and headed down the road to a Pilot Truck stop where we spent a cold night.


The next Morning we were on our way again. After a Hard Day and another 400 plus Miles, we tied up at the Travelers World RV Park in Clovis New Mexico, for a much needed Rest. We had a good nights rest. The Park was nice and with full hook ups our electric heaters kept us nice and warm. We slept in and did not get up until around 9:00 am local time. After a hearty Breakfast, we were on our way.


This was a easy day for us, because we only went as far as Clyde Texas which is 13 miles East of Abilene Texas where we tied up at Whites RV Park. It was a friendly park and we got a senior discount $25 a night for full hook ups and 50 amp service.


Only 200 miles from Georgetown, We took our time and enjoyed parts of the hill country as it is called in Texas. We took some back country roads and arrived at Berry springs RV park in early afternoon. We got checked in and set up the motor home. I unhooked the Jeep and took my Daughter to her home in Leander Texas, which is 19 miles from where we are staying.


The following is a few things that I learned or else had forgotten during our trip to Texas. Most State and County Highways do not have rest areas and very few places for a motor home towing a vehicle to pull off the highway to park. Many places where you could pull off were muddy or to soft to do so safely from recent rains. When possible get reservations for RV Parks unless boon docking. For some reason most RV Parks are full, at least the ones we encountered in our travel to Texas. The RV park where we have always stayed for over ten years while in Georgetown Texas was full, but we had reservations. The park has changed a lot in the past 4 years. It went from about 60 spaces to 115 and $285 a month to $330 plus Electric at 12 cents per KWH. Every space is occupied. I thought maybe it was because of people who lost homes in the floods and fires south of here. I was informed that was not the case. It is because 125 families a week are moving to Central Texas. Wow!



Author: Mel

I am a Retired PC Tech. I love to travel in a Motor Home with my Wife. I am a avid RVer and like to camp and travel. I am a commercial Pilot and hold a Novell Education certificate in Networking configuration and installation. I like to read and like country and western Music.

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