About This Blog Site

I Originally Created this Blog as a Sister Blogsite to RV Bloggers Online and RV Bloggers Forum which Were at the time My Main Websites. I Have since closed those sites down and this is my main Blog site. This Blog will be mostly Reflections and Mussings of my 50 plus years of RVing. It will have Stories of RV Adventures and Travel, Mishaps, Good Times and Bad. I hope you will enjoy and participate in the Discussions and Comments. Anyone is Welcome to Submit Comments and Articles About RVing.



10 thoughts on “About This Blog Site”

  1. Hi there, do you camp? I am doing a story on different kinds of camping and would love to interview you! Is it possible to answer these questions?

    Please write as much as you like!!
    1. How big is your RV?

    2. How do you pick the places for where you will park it? What are these places like? How much space is usually in between you and other campers?

    3. Does your RV extend out? If so, by how much? What does this allow you to do?

    4. How far (mile-wise) does a full tank of gas get you?

    5. Are you able to completely cook inside? Do you have bbq’s or make meals outside, perhaps at a camp ground?

    6. Are you able to meet other campers? Is there a different kind of camping community of which you are apart?

    7. Has living in an RV changed the way you socialize/meet with friends?

    1. I will Answer Your Questions in Order.
      1. I have a 35 foot 5th Wheel trailer. It is a 2007 Jayco 31 RLTS with 3 slide outs
      2. We stay in RV Parks AND Camp Grounds most of the time Unless we are Boon Docking. see my other blog at http://rvbloggersonline.com for pictures of our Camping Experience and RV Travels.
      3. We have 3 Slides one for the Kitchen area, one for the Living room and One for the Bedroom. This gives us a Living Kitchen area about 12 x 15 feet of space when extended. The Bedroom slide when extended gives us a King Size Bed that you can walk around Closets and a Vanity and a place for washer and dryer.
      4. I tow the 5th wheel Trailer with a Diesel Pickup Truck a Ford F250 Super Duty crew cab 2 WD, 6.0 Liter Diesel Engine Turbo Charged. I get 10 to 11.8 Miles per Gallon of Diesel Fuel when Towing. A Tank of Fuel will get me about 400 Miles.
      5. We are completely self contained with a Generator, Microwave, Fridge,Prpane Stove and Oven, Sink, and Holding Tanks for Water and Sewage.
      6. We meet all kinds of people from all walks of life. Most campers and RVer’s are friendly outgoing people.
      7.We have friends who RV and Camp out and friends who don’t RV or Camp Out.
      We Belong to a couple of RV Clubs and get together several times during the year and go to different places Staying in RV Parks or Camp Grounds..

      If you would like more information Please go to my other Web site at

      1. oh my goodness you don’t know how much this is helpful and soo interesting!! i so appreciate!!

      2. Hi there. I have one more question! I read a story about a couple being out on the “loneliest road in Nevada”, a place where there were no gas stations or anything nearby. I wonder…is this true? I mean have you ever been in this situation or in a situation where you were stuck? Was it something that turned out to be fun?

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