Mods and Upgrades to my Motor Home

I decided that it was time to list all of the Modifications and Updates that have been made to my Motor Home. Here are the present Spec’s showing upgrades, Mods, and add on’s with some Pictures.

My 2006 Hurricane 31D

2006 Four Winds Hurricane 31D 32 ft long 6.8 L 30 valve Triton V-10 Engine 362 HP, and a 5 speed automatic transmission with overdrive. Ford F-53 Chassis. 2ea Opposing Slides in living Area, 16 ft awning, Microwave, and Air Conditioner. Sleeps 6, Queen size Bed in Bed room, Dinette and Couch makes into a bed. 4KW Generac Generator. Self Contained, and is Ideal for Dry Camping.
Upgrades and Modifications.

Added 2nd Air Conditioner in Bedroom.
Added Vent Covers.

Added 50 amp service to run both Air Conditioners.

Upgraded Converter to a PD 4645 Progressive Dynamics 4 stage battery charger.

Added a Steer Safe to front end steering.

Added a Switch and Elec Element to Convert Water Heater to Gas and Electric.
Added 110 V AC Outlets next to sink with a GFI, and another duplex outlet under the dinette next to isle.

Added a Turbo Flusher to the Black tank to flush when emptying.

Upgraded TV to 32 inch LED HDTV
Added speakers and Amplifier for TV Sound.
Added DVD Player.
Modified TV Cabinet with a shelf Behind the TV for amp, and one under the TV.

Added Kwikee Auto Hydralic Leveling system.
Modified Sway Bars (CHF) and added Phenolic Bushings.

Added a Rear Track Bar.
Added Firestone Air Bags to rear.

Upgraded Mattress to a Dynasty Gel Foam Mattress. (It has never been slept on)
Upgraded all interior lights to LED’s.
Upgraded Rear Clearance Lights to LED’s.
Added Reading Lights on each side of Bed.
Added a 4 inch riser to the toilet.

Added a Water Shut off valve to toilet.
Added a Night Light with switch over the toilet.

Added a Console arm rest and cup holder to the drivers side.
Added Magazine / Map Rack below Console.

Upgraded Backup Camera and Monitor to Color.
Upgraded Tires to New 16 ply load Range G.

Upgraded to New Bilstein Shocks
Added a 3000 Watt Inverter.
Upgraded to 4ea 6 Volt Deep Cycle Batteries.
Upgraded the chassis battery to a 12 volt Heavy Duty AGM 950 CCA

I have spent a lot of time and money doing modifications and upgrades to my motor home. It is a good running unit and when not connected to shore power it is Ideal for dry camping with the 4 6 volt deep cycle batteries, and 3000 watt inverter and Generator. The Interior Led Lights draw so little, you could burn them for weeks without running down the  house batteries. With the 2 opposing slides in the living area, you have lots of room for entertaining and not feeling cramped.


Adding Rear Air Bags to My Motor Home

Adding Rear Air Bags to a Motor Home

Ford F-53 Chassis

I have been wanting to add Firestone Ride Right Air Bags to the rear of my motor Home, which is a 2006 Thor Four Winds Hurricane 31D with the Ford F-53 Chassis. I purchased a set on a open package deal for a little over $200. Last October. I’ve been waiting for good weather and the ambition to do the Job. Yesterday started and finished one side today.

Although the Kit is for the F-53 Chassis, Firestone and others warn that the jit is not for Thor Motor home because of the location of the House brackets holding the house to the Chassis frame> I know of a few others who have done it so I decided to try. Here is my story.

First off I had to modify the House Brackets so I could install the upper air bag bracket to the frame. I bought a 12 ton Bottle Jack on sale at Harbor freight and placed it under the axle, I blocked the front wheels and the rear wheel on the other side. I then jacked up the motor home so that the dual tires just cleared the ground enough to remove them from the Hub. After removing the wheel liner, I took my air impack wrench and loosened the lug nuts. After removing the Dual tires, I placed another jack stand on the axle for safety. I took the air bag upper bracket and loosely bolted it to the frame. This way I could see how much of the house bracket I would have to remove and how much I would have to remove on the upper air bag bracket. After marking and measuring the real work began. I took my 4 inch welders grinder and started the grind the house bracket so the upper air bag bracket would clear. See Picture below.

This is the House Bracket on the Motor Home Frame after I ground off the metal so the upper air bag bracket would clear. The two big holes below the bracket is where the lower bolt holes in the Upper air bag bracket goes. You have to drill two holes in the frame for the upper air bag brackets bolts to go. Next I had to modify the air bag bracket. See Picture below. 

You can see where I had to modify the bracket so it would clear the house bracket on the frame. The Next Picture shows in more detail the Modified Upper bracket Bracket.

Modified Upper Air Bag Bracket

Next was to install the air bag to the upper and lower air bag brackets, using Locktite Blue on all threads. Then using the Grade 8 Bolts and lock nuts supplied, I installed the air bag assy to the frame. See Picture below:

Air bag and brackets bolted to Motor Home Frame.

Air line is routed to a compartment so air filler fittings are out of sight and locked in compartment. See picture below:

Air filler fittings Locked inside compartment to prevent tampering.

Tomorrow I will start on the other side weather and temps permitting. I am stiff and sore so it could be a couple of days before I get started again.


Tail Light Mod

a3.JPGI have had nothing but problems with Tail, Turn Signal, Stop, and Backup Lights on my Motor Home. Every Trip one or more of the lights would stop working or else be Blinking on and off. It is because of a poor designed Tail Light Assy for the 2006 Four Winds Hurricane 31D and the same Assy is also used on the Newmar 2006 Kountry Star. Both have the same type problems. I decided to do something about it. Could not locate a new Assy anywhere so I modified the ones I had to fix the problem.

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New Captains and CoPilot Seats for my Motor Home

I’ve been looking for new Captains and CoPilot Chairs for my Motor Home. One of the chairs was missing a Arm when I bought the Motor Home. I tried salvage yards and RV dealers and parts houses to get a arm for the one that was missing. I really didn’t care if it matched or not. Well the upholstery was worn and the padding was sagging, so I thought I would investigate buying new chairs. No sense trying to have the seats recovered without a arm for the one missing.

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My Backup Camera and Monitor Installation

indasha.JPGI decided to install a new Backup TFT LCD Color Monitor and Camera For my Motor Home. The old in dash Voyager B&W monitor and camera were working OK, but I wanted to Jaz up my dash a little bit and have color. I bought a kit with a color TFT LCD Monitor, 18 LED infra red night Vision Camera and 15M (49ft) of waterproof cable and fittings The kit came with all hardware and a frame to mount it on any flat surface. I wanted to replace the old B&W Voyager which was mounted in the dash. The new monitor was a 7 inch TFT LCD. So it was smaller than the hole in the dash where the old voyager was. The hole was 7 3/4 x 5 3/4 inches and the new monitor was 7.0 x 4 5/8  inches Hmm what to do.

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Install a Riser for the Throne (Toilet)

toilet.JPGAs we get Older it is harder especially for us older folk to Get off and on The Throne. I’ve found over the years that most RV’s have small toilets and many are way to low for a tall person. I always hated the small round ones and replaced all of the toilets in my Sticks and Bricks Home with tall 19 inch Elongated ones. The one in my Motor home was elongated,but not High enough in such a small space, and was hard to get off of without my old joints complaining. I finally decided to do something about it.

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