Abask Dash Cam Mini Review

Abask Dash Cam Mini Review

After my last post about “Why You Need a Dash Cam” I decided to get one Like what my Son has, a ABASK Dash Cam, Abask 4″ IPS FHD 1080p 170 + 120 Degree Wide Angle Dual Lens Car DVR Camera With Loop Recording G-Sensor Parking Monitor 6-Glass Lens Motion Detection WDR Night Vision Time-off Screen, with front and rear camera. After using it in my Jeep for a couple of weeks, Here is my experience with it.

First the Pro’s

Large 4 inch screen. Much better than the 2.7 inch that my other dash cam has.

Excellent picture quality in daylight and at night.

Excellent on screen menu easy to see.

You can set time to turn of screen 30 sec, 1 min, 3 min.

Loaded with Many Features, to numerous to mention.

Excellent playback on TV or Computer.

Can mark a segment for viewing later and it won’t be over written.

Now for the Cons

As soon as I opened the package I dropped the camera about 3 inches on the top of my desk. The Screen bezel came loose allowing the camera to open up exposing the innards and let the screen to hang by its wires. Lucky Nothing broke. I spent 30 minutes getting it back together.

Kind of flimsy built.

The Manual that came with it, is crap. The print is so small you need a magnifying glass to read.

Many Mistakes in the manual Identifying the various parts of the camera. I copied and enlarged the manual and corrected the mistakes while putting it in PDF format.

It does not come with a Micro SD TF card, You have to buy one which adds another $15 or $20 to the $40 price I paid, making a total cost of $60 for a working unit.

Side Notes

All in All I am very pleased with the unit and for $60 it is cheap insurance. Time will tell how well it holds up. My Son has had his for 9 months and no problems. You can get a 3 year warranty from “Sguare Trade” for about $9. If your computer or TV, does not have a SD card reader, you can get a USB cable with a Mini end on it to plug into your computer or TV if it has a USB Slot. $12 at most electronic stores. This is not a comprehensive review, Many others have written a more comprehensive reviews about it. This mini review gives you an Idea about what to expect from the unit.



Why you Need a Dash Cam

If you have a RV Trailer or Motor Home, You need a Dash Cam. I bought another dash Cam for the car and the motor home. See below for my reason why.

Night before last, my oldest sons new car got cut off, and side swiped, by a big pickup truck, that was lifted and had oversize tires. my sons car was in the left hand turn lane next to the divider getting ready to make a turn. The pickup truck cut him off and it hit his car on the passenger side. The truck then jumped the divider and crossed into the oncoming lane of traffic went over the bank into a ditch and hit trees. The people in the truck claimed it my sons fault, and that he ran into them. The cops were ready to write my son a ticket because of the friends of the truck driver (so called witness’s), saying it was my sons fault. (my sons car had Nevada Plates, so the the cops were going to believe the locals).  My son then told the cops that he had a dash cam. They said whoa, the cop yelled to the other cops that my son had a dash cam and to hold up writing a ticket. The cop told my son to give him the dash cam. My son started to refuse. The cop called over his Sargent, who told my son they were taking the dash cam as evidence of a accident. said they would get a warrant if necessary. My son unhooked the camera and gave it to them after getting a receipt. Yesterday they called my son and told him to come and pick up his camera. The camera showed that the other guy had cut my son off and hit his car. The cop told my son if he had not had the dash cam, he would have been in serious trouble because of the drivers friends testimony that it was his fault. They then went to the pickup drivers house and gave him a citation. I hope they give the so called witness’s a ticket for lying.

Just another reason to have a dash cam in this day and age, especially if you have a RV because people are always cutting you off or crowding in front of you. A dash cam can save your bacon If that happens. 


Computers and Eye Strain

Computers and Eye Strain

I sit for long hours at the computer both day and night. Lately I have noticed that My eyes tear a lot at night while sitting at the computer, and sometimes during the day too. I was having a hard time sleeping after sitting at the computer for several hours at night and sometimes I would have a headache. I happened to run across an article about something called Blue Light and Eye Strain. My Monitor is a Sanyo 26 inch HDTV and even though it has automatic Light adjustment for Day and Night viewing I found it was not enough to protect my eyes from Blue Light. Another symptom was having a hard time going to sleep on many nights and headaches, which I never had before.. In reading the Article, it stated that the blue light fools the body into thinking it is daylight when in fact it could be the middle of the night. It will often time strain the eyes as well as make it hard for you to go to sleep, especially if you have spent long hours at the computer.

What is the answer you may ask. I found a neat little Utility called “F.LUX” for Windows 10 and Linux. What it does is filter out the blue light according to the time of day or not. You set it up according to your Location and it will take care of the filtering according to the time of day or night. There are several other Utilities that do the same. There are other Physical filters that slip on the screen to do the same thing, But I like this handy little utility and it does the job for me. There is also one for Chrome Browser called Midnight lizard that you can add to your chrome browser. The “F.LUX” has been a blessing especially on my Laptop with the glaring white screen. I would suggest that you read up on Blue Light and eye strain. Save Your Eyes.


Valve Stems, Tire Balancing Beads, and a Motor Home

84731n-valve.jpgTrying to check or air up the dual tires on my Motor Home, has always been a chore. I have a Thor Four Winds Hurricane 31D with a Ford F-53 Chassis with steel wheels, and wheel covers. I always had to take off the wheel covers to try and check the air pressure. Cut hands trying to get the valve caps off reaching through the wheel hand holes. What a chore it was.

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My year end Blog Post for 2015

My Year End News Blog

To all my Friends, Family, and readers of my Blog. This is a year end News letter with Excerpts of all that has transpired during 2015 For My Wife and I, on our Rving Journey. 2015 was a busy year for us. So here goes.

It is January 2015 and I am getting Cabin Fever and want to head for Warmer Climates. 2014 was a bad year for us, (see excerpt below) and we were hoping 2015 would be better.

Excerpt from my Blog

https://rvbloggers.wordpress.com/2015/01/03/we-are-hopeful-2015-will-be-a-better-year-for-rving/2014 was not a good year for us for RVing. Doctors appointments and other things kept us close to home except, for a few short trips of 500 miles or less for business reasons. Normally we would go to Arizona and Texas for the Winter, But it was not to be. I traded our Denali TT because for the short time we had it. It sat in its RV pad for 1 year and 3 months. We made one trip in it. I got a older 1997 Georgie Boy Pursuit Motor Home. Got a lot less money tied up in it. Got my fingers crossed and hope we will be able to get away for at least part of the winter, But it may be spring before we can, If at all.

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5th Wheel Maintenance

It has been a busy Week Performing Maintenance on My Jayco Designer 5th wheel and making a few adjustments. A couple of weeks ago I had new tires put on the fiver Replacing the Marathon ST235/R80/16 Load Range D. I will never understand why Jayco put load range D tires on a 5th wheel of this size. Even not overloaded it was a poor choice for a company noted for a quality product. Anyway I replaced them with  Power King Tow Max ST235/R80/16 load range E. I know I know China Bombs and all that crap. Time will tell If it was a mistake. I always use ST tires on Trailers. Enough about Tires.

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Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems TPMS

After having tire Problems with tires on my 5th wheel (see previous post), I have decided to get a Tire Pressure Monitoring System for my 5th wheel and Tow Vehicle. There are several brands on the market and I have narrowed it down to two of them that I am interested in. I am having a hard time making up my mind as to which one to get. Both are highly praised and touted by Owners of the units and the TST has a few more features. Any input would be appreciated.

The first one is the TST model 507 at $359 and $59 for signal Extender if Needed. It is the most expensive of the 2 finalists in My search. The sensors have user replaceable batteries, with a savings of over $100 in five years for replacement batteries.

507 System Starter Kit with 6 sensors is $359 and $59 if Signal Extender is needed
The 507 starter kit comes with everything with FOUR sensors It comes ready to monitor FOUR tires (You purchase additional sensors to monitor additional tires.).

507 2 sen. pic

Two extra senors are $100 The system arrives with two installation wrenches, a short antenna, a dashboard mounting bracket, a suction cup bracket, a cigarette charger, a hardwire kit, a detailed users manual, four sensors, and the on board monitor display.


The Tire Traker  TT400C 6 wheel sensors for $289 and $49 for a signal Extender if Needed. It has user replaceable batteries also. I like the display Better on the Tire Traker as it is more of a hand held if you want to carry it around while checking the tires.tt6

  • Low Profile Monitor with LCD Screen
  • Simple to Program and Easy for the Operator to Use
  • Multiple Monitor/Display Mounting Options For The Dashboard And Window
  • Programmable Monitor/Receiver
  • 12-Volt Power Cord (Detachable)
  • Wireless Tire Pressure Sensors with Replaceable Batteries (6)
  • Sensor Batteries (6 – CR1632)
  • Sensor Locks (6)
  • Pedestal Mounting Bracket Kit
  • Hook & Loop Mounting Tape
  • Instruction Manual
  • Three Year Warranty