Abask Dash Cam Mini Review

Abask Dash Cam Mini Review

After my last post about “Why You Need a Dash Cam” I decided to get one Like what my Son has, a ABASK Dash Cam, Abask 4″ IPS FHD 1080p 170 + 120 Degree Wide Angle Dual Lens Car DVR Camera With Loop Recording G-Sensor Parking Monitor 6-Glass Lens Motion Detection WDR Night Vision Time-off Screen, with front and rear camera. After using it in my Jeep for a couple of weeks, Here is my experience with it.

First the Pro’s

Large 4 inch screen. Much better than the 2.7 inch that my other dash cam has.

Excellent picture quality in daylight and at night.

Excellent on screen menu easy to see.

You can set time to turn of screen 30 sec, 1 min, 3 min.

Loaded with Many Features, to numerous to mention.

Excellent playback on TV or Computer.

Can mark a segment for viewing later and it won’t be over written.

Now for the Cons

As soon as I opened the package I dropped the camera about 3 inches on the top of my desk. The Screen bezel came loose allowing the camera to open up exposing the innards and let the screen to hang by its wires. Lucky Nothing broke. I spent 30 minutes getting it back together.

Kind of flimsy built.

The Manual that came with it, is crap. The print is so small you need a magnifying glass to read.

Many Mistakes in the manual Identifying the various parts of the camera. I copied and enlarged the manual and corrected the mistakes while putting it in PDF format.

It does not come with a Micro SD TF card, You have to buy one which adds another $15 or $20 to the $40 price I paid, making a total cost of $60 for a working unit.

Side Notes

All in All I am very pleased with the unit and for $60 it is cheap insurance. Time will tell how well it holds up. My Son has had his for 9 months and no problems. You can get a 3 year warranty from “Sguare Trade” for about $9. If your computer or TV, does not have a SD card reader, you can get a USB cable with a Mini end on it to plug into your computer or TV if it has a USB Slot. $12 at most electronic stores. This is not a comprehensive review, Many others have written a more comprehensive reviews about it. This mini review gives you an Idea about what to expect from the unit.



Computers and Eye Strain

Computers and Eye Strain

I sit for long hours at the computer both day and night. Lately I have noticed that My eyes tear a lot at night while sitting at the computer, and sometimes during the day too. I was having a hard time sleeping after sitting at the computer for several hours at night and sometimes I would have a headache. I happened to run across an article about something called Blue Light and Eye Strain. My Monitor is a Sanyo 26 inch HDTV and even though it has automatic Light adjustment for Day and Night viewing I found it was not enough to protect my eyes from Blue Light. Another symptom was having a hard time going to sleep on many nights and headaches, which I never had before.. In reading the Article, it stated that the blue light fools the body into thinking it is daylight when in fact it could be the middle of the night. It will often time strain the eyes as well as make it hard for you to go to sleep, especially if you have spent long hours at the computer.

What is the answer you may ask. I found a neat little Utility called “F.LUX” for Windows 10 and Linux. What it does is filter out the blue light according to the time of day or not. You set it up according to your Location and it will take care of the filtering according to the time of day or night. There are several other Utilities that do the same. There are other Physical filters that slip on the screen to do the same thing, But I like this handy little utility and it does the job for me. There is also one for Chrome Browser called Midnight lizard that you can add to your chrome browser. The “F.LUX” has been a blessing especially on my Laptop with the glaring white screen. I would suggest that you read up on Blue Light and eye strain. Save Your Eyes.


On Our Way to Texas Again!

On Our Way to Texas Again!

After having to cancel our trip to Texas a couple of weeks ago because of Family Medical Problems, we are on our way once again taking our Daughter to her home in Texas. In preparation for the trip, I checked everything over on the Motor Home and called the RV Park in Georgetown Texas where we wanted to stay. They were full up and so was every RV park within a 50 mile radius. We delayed the trip another few days and our favorite park at Berry Springs in Georgetown Texas had a Cancellation. I took it and told them I would be there on the 25th or 26th of Oct Planning on 4 to 5 days to get there. I only like to drive 300 to 350 miles a day.

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RV Opinion & Viewpoints: RV Warranties and Accessories Rip Off’s

RV Opinion & Viewpoints: RV Warranties and Accessories Rip Off’s.

RV Warranties and Accessories Rip Off’s


Over the Years I have come to the conclusion That many of the RV Warranties and Accessories that Most of the dealers tout, and try to get you to buy, are big Rip Offs Both in Price and Usefulness. Most Items can be purchased else where for a lot less money. All you have to do is shop around online, and check prices.. Here are some examples.

1. Extended Warranties In most cases they really are not necessary, and they make a lot of money for the dealers that sell them. Had a 5 year extended warranty on a TT that cost $5,000 had it for 1 year 3 months, and sold the TT. My refund for the unused portion was only $1,500, that’s not a very equitable Prorate of the remaining Time left on the warranty which was never used. I could have replaced or repaired anything that would have went wrong for a lot less money. You are better off putting the money in the bank in case something goes wrong after the warranty runs out. If you feel you just have to have one, Shop around for the best price that meets your needs. Up to 50% cheaper if not bought from a dealer.

2. RV Toilet Paper. What a money maker and rip off, It is not needed period. Toilet paper even the strongest kind will break up and turn to liquid, in a few miles or a trip around the park a few times. Don’t fall for the scare stories. It is not the toilet paper that Plugs Up. It is the Brown Sludge That is caused by not enough water when Flushing, and not enough water in the Black Tank when emptying it.

3. Black Tank Chemicals. Over priced and most don’t do the job anyway. A cheaper alternative method is to make your own. Here is a recipe that I have used when needed for over 15 years.
1 cup arm and hammer baking soda or 8 Oz box

1 cup Pine Sol

1 cup of fabric softener Any brand I use whatever the dollar store has.

1 cup of household ammonia.

put contents into a Gallon plastic Jug add water to fill and shake well. pour a cup or two down the toilet and put some in each drain Sink or Shower. I have been in death valley dry camping for 2 weeks with temps over 100 deg and never had a smell or problem. This mixture not only keeps the smell away but lubricates the Valves and keeps the sensors in the tanks clean.

4. LED’s Light Emitting Diodes. When replacing your Light bulbs with L.E.D.s don’t buy from CW or the dealer. Although prices have come way down in recent years, why pay the dealer or CW $24 for 6 bulbs when you can buy them off of the Internet a lot cheaper. I bought 20 LED’s for my Motor home from a company here is the  USA shipping took 3 days. 20 of them cost $33 a far cry from the $300 I paid at Quartzite 3 years ago. THe same amount at CW or a dealer would have been over $65 Plus tax.

From time to time I will add to this. Lets have your comments Pro or Con and anything you would like to add.

Frugal RVing: Proposed fuel tax hike makes for strange RV bedfellows

Frugal RVing: Proposed fuel tax hike makes for strange RV bedfellows.

If one Congressman gets his way, RVers will soon be among those shelling out a bit more at the gas pump, and oddly enough, some members of the RV industry are behind the idea.

Almost Snowbird Time Again

Summer is almost Over, and the Snowbirds (RVer’s who live in the North during the Summer and in the South during the Winter) are starting to get ready to head South. We generally Head South to Arizona or Parts of Texas around the last of September 1st of October. With Temps still in the triple digits in the Southern parts of Arizona, it is still to early to go yet. It is getting a little colder here in Northern Nevada during the Night Time, but during the day the temps are still in the 70’s and 80’s. We plan on leaving for Yuma Arizona about the 1st week of October. That will give me enough time to get our 5th Wheel all Checked Out and the Tow Vehicle Serviced Before we are ready to go. It has been a Long Hot Dry Summer with little or no rain until the last couple of days When we have had a pretty good Downpour, which is badly needed, but still not enough for the dry conditions here in Northern Nevada. For those of you heading out, Be sure and check your RV and Tow Vehicles Before you go. Have a Pleasant and Safe trip.

What Happened to RV Pic’s dot Com?

It Looks Like http://www.rvpic’s.com  RV Forum has thrown in the towel or Quit. I don’t know if it was a lack of money or what. The forum had a lot of users and activity.  I had many friends and some pictures on that Forum. I don’t know how to get in touch with some of the people that I met on the forum. I was on the forum about 10 days ago and today when I went there, all I got was a Advert from Go Daddy Saying that the domain Name was Parked for Free and that it could be purchased. I guess the Owner decided to shut the forum down. I wish I would have gotten a notice so I could have gotten in touch with some of the people that I met on the forum before it was shut down. I can understand the owner shutting it down as it costs money and time to run a forum and website, but it would have been nice if there would have been a 2 week notice or a email to all of the members letting us know what was going to happen. I run a RV Forum myself and will probably shut it down this coming Sept for lack of interest and participation by members. I have no advertising on my forum, and pay for the hosting out of my own pocket as well as devote a large amount of my time running it. my forum is http://www.rvbloggersforum.com