Good Sam ERS Good or Bad

Good Sam ERS will cover Boat Trailers But Not ATV Trailers that you tow. They say they cover your Vehicles? Beware read the fine print in your Good Sam ERS Contract

Well This is something I have needed to get off my chest for several Months now. I have been a member of Good Sam for many years and Have taken their ERS (Emergancy Road Service) for over 7 years now. I really liked it and have had good service from them until the past year. Last October while traveling between Needles California and Searchlight Nevada on Highway 95. I had a Blowout on a small trailer that I was towing. I was in the middle of nowhere. I got out a floor jack that I always carry and jacked up the trailer to put on the spare. I had just recently purchased this small trailer and didn’t realize that the lug wrench that I had, would not fit the lug bolts.

No problem I thought, I have Good Sam ERS. I’ll give them a call. (what a Joke) although it wasn’t funny at the time. Continue reading “Good Sam ERS Good or Bad”

Aged Tires A Driving Hazard

This Happened to Me in 2005
Aged Tires Warning

I was driving down interstate highway 10 just out of Lordsburg New Mexico at 70 mph on tires I thought were only 4 years old. All of a sudden there was a big bang and fiberglass tire rubber and smoke came from the frontĀ  passenger side of the 20,000 Lbs Motor home. I was struggling to maintain control and get off to the side of the freeway to Safety.I managed to pull over to the side of the freeway and stop.
The Damage was Extensive. Several Thousand $$$, It tore off the front passenger Fender and wheel well and scattered fiberglass, Tire Rubber and Parts of the Motor home for several hundred feet. I was Lucky, I found out later that the tires were 9 years old, But were purchased only 4 years before.

Do you know how Old Your Tires Are? Do you know how to Tell?