Generator Scam and Fraud!

Generator Scam

Folks there are a lot of scammers out there. I got scammed and I know better. I was looking for a small Portable Inverter Generator Online, when I ran across a advertisement for a Yamaha 2000 watt Inverter Generator for a unheard of price from a so called big time Generator Distributor in Issaquah, Washington. Nice website and looked really Legit. They promised quick delivery and had several name brands. I noticed that they stated in small print that they had 1061 Honda UE2000i Generators in stock. I thought Wow this outfit is really big. So on the Monday before Christmas, I ordered a Yamaha Inverter 2000 watt generator, the latest one at 23% lower than most other retailers. I was promised 4 to 7 day delivery. I payed with PayPal and received a email from them stating that they had received payment and that the generator would be shipped within 24 hours. No invoice, No tracking number, and no Phone number. I only had their Email saying they would ship in 24 hours and a PayPal email stating that payment had been made and that they had not received shipping info from the company. I sent several Emails to the email address given and received no answer. I was a little bit concerned, but figured they were pretty busy because of Christmas and all. I waited for 10 days when I sent a Email to them saying that I was contacting PayPal and where was the Generator that I ordered and was paid for.

That must have got them worried or else someone else had complained, because a couple of hours later, I went to their website only to find that it had been suspended. I immediately notified PayPal and I started doing some more checking. Here is what I found.

The address on the website in Issaquah Washington, was not a business but a house (mansion) that was For Sale. No such business existed in Issaquah. Next I did a “Who Is” on the URL and found that the website was registered to a individual in Bejing China whos name was different than the one that PayPal sent me. As soon as I found that out, I contacted my Credit Card company and gave them all of the information. My Credit card Company has Credited back my account while investigating which could take up to 30 days or more depending on complexity. This was a out and out scam and fraud. Pretending to be a US company, not delivering the merchandise, and false representation. I am glad that I paid with a credit card through PayPal.

Here are the lessons Learned.

1. If it sounds to good to be true it probably isn’t.

2. if something seems strange take your time and check it out.

3. call the business by looking up the phone number, not the one given on the website.

4. to make sure it is not a foreign Website or company not in the United States. Do a “Who Is”.

5. Be suspicious if you don’t get a invoice or an answer to your Email in a timely matter.

6. Don’t go by what the website says or the address that is given on the website without checking it out.

7. make sure that the phone number is legit and contact the BBB if they say on the website that they are a member. Call the BBB anyway.

8. Always Pay with a credit Card if possible.

9. if you have a problem and suspect fraud or a scam notify your credit card company or PayPal if that is who you went through, at once.


Why I went back to a Travel Trailer

Why I went Back to a Travel Trailer

Several People have asked me why I went from a Class A Motor Home to a Travel Trailer, So as promised here are some of my reasons for doing so.

1. Deterioration and Depreciation

Yes you read that right. The worst thing for a Motor Home is to sit for several months on end and not being used, while Depreciating the whole time. My motor Home Sat in its parking place for over 2 years and was only started and run in place most of that time. It was only driven for safety and emissions inspections each year.

2. Cost

Not only the cost of Maintenance, Safety Inspections, Emissions test, Oil and Lube Jobs. There was the cost of Insurance and License Registrations. All of this is expensive for something that was not being used. I could no longer justify the cost of owning a Motor Home. I could see that the Motor Home was going to need some expensive repairs in the future. I will give cost examples at the end of this post.

3. Age

My Age and the Age of the Motor Home. I am 79 years old and can no longer do much of the things that are required to keep a motor home in tip top shape. The Motor Home at 12 years of age was beginning to show its age and was going to need some expensive repairs such as The Roof needed to be Sealed. Generator needs to be Serviced. The Dash AC has a Freon Leak. The House Batteries Need to be replaced. The Exterior needs to be cleaned and waxed and the Clear Coat is Peeling. Yes it is starting to show its Age.

4. Summary

I will not go into all of the old arguments and the Pro’s and Con’s of Travel Trailer Versus Class A Motor Home. I am only pointing out why I chose to do so. Several times during the Year I needed a Truck to haul things, and always had to depend on someone else or else rent one. With a travel trailer and a Truck to tow it the problem is solved. I now have a truck that I can use through out the year. I traded the jeep that I towed behind the Motor Home and got a truck.

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Mod #3 Partition Under Bed

The space under the Bed was wide open and into the Pass through space. DW and I decided we did not like Items Such as Linen and things Sliding or falling into the Pass through space were all manner of things would be stored. So I decided to partition it off using 1/2 inch plywood 51 inches long and 19 inches high and 8ea 1 5/8th inch sheetrock screwsto hold the partition in place. it was a very easy Mod or fix that took about 15 minutes to do. you can reach inside of the pass through outside doors to fasten the partition to the Bed frame posts inside the Pass through space. See picture below.

You can still see the pass through space and anything in it, but the partition keeps linens and things from traveling into the pass through space. A very simple fix.


Bedroom Reading Light Mods

The Lone Light in the Middle of the Shelf above our Bed, was not very handy as you had to sit up to turn it on and it would disturb the other person if they were sleeping or trying to. I had done this mod in a motor home that I use to have. I liked the LED Lamps that I bought  for it and decided to buy the same lamps again and put one on each side of the bed for reading.  the lamps swivel and can be placed at any angle so you are not disturbing someone on the other side of the bed. I bought 2 of them at Amazon.

Ming’s Mark 9090108 LED Reading Light

The lamp is fully adjustable and give off a very bright light.

Here is how I installed it. I had to get to the wires running to the Light that was in the center of the shelf above the Bed. The shelf is hollow and the wires were inside, so I removed the panel on the top of the shelf. I remove the trim strips on each side on the top. They were held by 3 staples. I was the able to lift up the panel to get to the wires. (see Picture below with Panel Removed).

With the top of the hollow shelf propped open and the center light hanging down I was able to splice into the wires on top so that I could run wires to the shirt closets on each side of the bed. I made my splices so that I would have power to the reading lights all of the time, because they have their own off and on switches. although the side walls of the Shirt closets are hollow it was to much of a hassle to try and run a wire inside of them. I opted instead to run the wires inside the closet on each side and protect the wires with a plastic wire or cord channel with a adhesive back. Insert the wires and stick to the closet side panel. (See Picture below).


You can see the wires in the shirt closet in the top picture and you can see them protected in the picture on the Bottom.

Below is a picture with everything all buttoned up and the reading lights are on.


Mods to the Dinette in My FR EVO

The Problem was getting to and finding things in the Dinettes under seat storage. You either had to get down on your hands and knees and try to reach something clear at the back, or else remove all of the dinette cushions and the plywood seat to get at something in the back under the dinette seat which is 4 feet long on each side. I decided that I needed a sliding tray or basket that I or my dear Wife could slide out to get to the items stored there. Since the opening on each side was 19 inches wide and 9 inches high and was  2 inches above the floor I needed to build a ramp or slide that could be pulled out without hitting the lip that was 2 inches from the floor. I found the easiest way for me was to build a sub floor that came up even with the lip I removed the cross brace with my cut saw and took all of the measurements for the new sub floor. using a 2 x 2 actual size is 1 1/2 inches I put it down the center of the floor parallel with each side of the dinette seat. Using 1/2 inch plywood cut to fit inside and screwed to the center 2 x 2 and also on each side. I had my sub floor raised 2 inches and even with the lip. See picture below.

New Sub Floor under dinette seat. After the sub floor was installed I then covered it with some carpet I got at Lowes for $13 See picture below.

Carpet and cross brace installed used staples to hold carpet in place. Next I bought two plastic containers 36 inches long a 16 inches wide and 8 1/2 inches High with the covers on them. (will probably leave the covers off) Will be up to the DW. The finished result makes it much easier to get things from under the dinette seating even when occupied. See Picture below of finished result.

Not to bad for a poor mans Sliding tray. Later on I will make a tray with ball bearing slides, but for now this will do. I will be looking to find the right slides at a decent price. Then I will make a sliding tray 4 feet long and 18 1/2 inches wide.

Materials List

1ea 4′ x 8′ 1/2 inch thick plywood

1ea 2″ x 2″ x 8′ for center support of sub floor

1ea piece of carpet 24″ x 12′ 

Misc Torx screws 2 1/2 inch and 2 inch  9/16 staples

above Items from Lowes $44

2 ea Plastic containers from Walmart $28

total $72


Changes to Blog Site

After much thought, I have decided to delete most of the old content and start fresh with a new theme. Since I don’t have a Motor Home anymore, My focus will be Travel Trailers, 5th Wheels, Tow Vehicles, and RVing Adventures. I will be archiving most of the old content and will be deleting some of it.

Thanks to all of you and stay tuned for more while I transition the blog site..



Changes Coming to the Blog Site

I guess many are wondering what is going on with the blog site, and what the picture of a travel trailer instead of a motor home is all about. Well I have sold my class a Motor Home and purchased a New 2017 Forest River EVO T2360 Travel Trailer. I will be writing more about the reasons why I decided to go back to a travel trailer. I will also be making some modifications to it and also some spec’s and info on my tow vehicle. I will be making some changes to the blog site also. So stay tuned.


Our New Forest River EVO T2360 Travel Trailer