Power Cord and Cabinet Mod

For a long time now I’ve been studying a way to gain another drawer in the little cabinet between the recliners at the back of the 5th wheel. The power cord is fed into that cabinet from the rear of the 5th wheel.

Power cord is shoved in here at the back of the 5th wheel.

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Our Arizona Adventures Continued

Arizona Adventures Continued

It is now the 29th of March, and we are on our way from Yuma Arizona to Benson Arizona, to visit our good friends Billie and Jerry. They live about 7 miles west of Benson just off of I-10. The trip to Benson was uneventful, and we had no problems along the way. We arrived that afternoon and they had a place already for us to park by the side of their home with a electrical hookup. Now the fun began, I had to back the 5th wheel in and I had not had to back a 5th wheel for over the past 5 years when I sold our other 5th wheel. This was only the 2nd time since buying this 5th wheel, once at the RV park in Yuma and now to back in by the side of Billie and Jerry’s home. Lucky for me there was plenty of room and a wide street. My Dear Wife Bev, Friends Billie, and Jerry were all giving directions so I wouldn’t hit their home or garage. It was really very Comical. Arm Waving and Shouts, Move over here and other Commands. After Moving a Cinder Block, and about 5 tries I got the fiver lined up and backed into the spot. I got the 5th wheel all set up and went into the house. I was Beat, Tired and a little Embarrassed.

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Arizona adventure part two of two

Arizona adventure part two of two

In part one I described how we traveled from Ogden Utah on the 19th of January to Yuma Arizona and the problems of finding a RV Park to stay in without reservations as most parks were full. Finally after a 6 day Shuffle, we were able to obtain a space with full hook ups at the Wester Sands RV park on 34th street and Payson Dr. We pulled into our space #7 on February first 2018. We will be here for the next 2 months. While we got settled in We found that the new 2017 Forest River EVO travel trailer that we had purchased a few months ago had many short comings and was just not suited for 2 people our size. See (Review 2017 Forest River EVO T2360 Travel Trailer) I originally purchased it for short trips and camping and stays of maybe a couple of weeks. It was to uncomfortable for us for a long stay. So I started looking for a good 5th wheel to meet our needs. On February 6th I went to a RV sale in Yuma and found a 2016 Keystone Cougar 277RLSWE ½ ton Towable 5th wheel overall length of 30 feet with 2 slides. I signed on the same day and traded my EVO travel trailer. I made an appointment to have a 5th wheel hitch installed in my Ford F250 Super Duty pickup and a PDI Inspection. A week later I took my EVO to the dealer and while doing the PDI they installed the 5th wheel Hitch in my truck. After the PDI . They pulled the 5th wheel down to where I had the travel trailer parked and we started transferring things from the TT to the fiver. It was a long tiring day and we got back to the RV Park at Sunset just before dark. Got the Fiver all hooked up and started rearranging things. We had packed most of our things in cardboard boxes to make the transfer easier. The next Morning I started unpacking the boxes and my dear wife started putting things away and rearranging things the way she wanted. It took about a week to get everything the way DW wanted, while I made a few modifications. see ( 5th Wheel Mods and Upgrades). We had to make a quick trip up to Utah and back for a Doctors appointment and to pickup mail. We left on the 25 of February with just our truck and returned on the 1st of March. On the trip up and back I noticed that the brake pedal seemed to be going down further than it should and that there was a pulsing of the brake pedal when depressed while stopping. Hmm Warped Rotor or rotors on the disc brakes. So on the 5th of march I took the truck to the Ford Garage and had all four rotors turned and all new heavy duty brake pads installed, and a complete lube, filter, and oil change. I Got the truck back on the 6th of March with a Total bill $509. I drove out of the dealership and on the way home the pedal went almost to the floor when I tried to make a panic stop.

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Arizona Adventure Part One of Two

Arizona Adventure

It has been five years since we have been able to get away from part of the cold and snowy winter here is Utah. Although this has been a mild winter so far, we were use to going to Arizona or Texas every year to escape the winter cold and snow, for 22 years. Yes we were Snowbirds. Five years ago because of medical problems we were unable to go South for the winter, until now. It is now January 19 2018 and I just purchased a new Forest River Travel Trailer a couple of weeks ago. We are all packed and ready to Head out on the first leg of our trip to Quartzite Arizona.


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Some 5th Wheel Mods and Upgrades

Since trading our Travel Trailer for a Fifth Wheel Trailer, I’ve found that there were a few things that needed improvement or changed. Hence the following Upgrades or Modifications. The first one was to add a Handle or Grab Bar where you go up the steps to the bedroom and bathroom. A very simple thing to do. I had the dealer install the handle when we picked up the trailer. The handle was affixed to a stud in the wall going up the steps to the Bathroom / Bedroom.

Grab Handle mounted on Stud going up steps to Bathroom and Bedroom

The next thing was Reading Lights for the bedroom. We both like to read at night while in the bed, but the overhead light supplied was just not suitable for reading. If I wanted to read and my DW did not the bright overhead light would keep her awake, So I installed a couple of adjustable led spot or reading Lights. Since the bottom of the overhead cabinets are hollow, it was a simple matter to fish a couple of wires from the overhead light to the 2 reading lights.


Adjustable Reading Lights above Bed affixed to overhead Cabinet.

This 5th wheel has a lack of Duplex Outlets in easy places to plug in things. So I decided to add one to the front of the kitchen counter to plug in the coffee pot and any other small appliance without a bunch of cords and extension cords, hanging from the bottom of the cabinet above where the duplex outlet is.  I found that there were 2 blank slots for circuit breakers in the fuse and circuit breaker panel under the stove next to the sink. I bought a single 15 amp circuit breaker at Lowes and a 25 foot roll of romex 2 conducter with Ground. I only needed 7 feet but that was the smallest that they had. I also bought a Duplex Outlet and cover. I ran the romex from the circuit breaker in the panel thru a 1/2 inch hole I drilled into the side wall going under the sink. I routed the wire along the side and the back wall of the sink and up to the duplex outlet that I installed on the front of the sink counter, See Photo Below.

Added Duplex outlet front of kitchen counter by Door

Next was to add some drawers to the bedroom wardrobe cabinet. We did not need a lot of hanging space so I bought 2 plastic 4 drawer cabinets from Walmart to put in the wardrobe one for each side. Really makes it nice to put socks, and underware and things in the drawers and hang a few things in the middle. So that the bottom drawers would clear a lip at the bottom of the wardrobe I put the plastic drawers on small 14 inch long pieces of 2 x 4’s lined on the bottom of the plastic drawers. Fit perfect and now we have better utilization of the wardrobe, at least for us.

Bedroom Wardrobe Slideout
Added Plastic Drawers to Left side of Wardrobe Slideout


Right side of Wardrobe Slide Out

I want to add another Duplex Outlet by the side of the stove and some lights in the pantry. Since the fuse, circuit breaker, and power panel is under the stove and there is room for some more fuses and another circuit breaker it should be a easy mod to do. I will update this as I add things. Stay tuned.


Review of Forest River EVO T2360 Travel Trailer

Review 2017 Forest River EVO T2360 Travel Trailer

This is a Review of our 2017 Forest River EVO T2360 Travel Trailer, Which we have traded off for a 2016 Keystone Cougar 277RLSWE 5th wheel. Let me start off by saying That we have owned 3 Forest River Travel Trailers. We bought this travel trailer brand new and have now lived in it for 6 weeks. This trailer would be fine for short term stays such as a week end of camping or stays of 1 or 2 weeks. For stays longer than a couple of weeks it is not suitable for 2 people. 1 person would be fine. If the designers of the travel trailer had to live in one for awhile they would design things a little different. What follows is the Pros and Cons and defects and short comings that We found in the 6 weeks that the wife and I have lived in the unit while wintering in Yuma Arizona.

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