Started on a Trip to Texas

We had been planning for months on a trip to Texas to Visit my Daughter who lives just north of Austin Texas. I have been working on the Motor Home and doing Mods to make our trip more Enjoyable. New Tires and all fluid levels checked and our belonging were loaded. We were ready to roll. We headed out Saturday Morning Around 9:00 AM From our home in Ogden Utah. We headed down I-15 to SLC and then on to Provo. We headed from there to Spanish Fork Utah where we left I-15 and got on Hwy 6 and 89. We continued on past the Junction of Hwy 89 and continued up the Canyon towards price Utah and Soldiers Summit. We stopped at Tie Fork Rest Area to have a bite of lunch. While there I took some pictures.

Tie Fork Rest Area 

Tie Fork Rest Area Rest Rooms and Info. Very Nice with Shade and a Old Railroad Engine. We had a very Pleasant Lunch that DW prepared for the two of us while I was taking pictures.

Old Railroad Engine  Front of Engine 435 

After taking some pictures I went back to the Motor home to have some lunch.

Our Motor Home and Toad  

Parking lot at Tie fork. After lunch we headed up the road and just before we got to Soldiers Summit we got a cell phone call from my Daughter in Texas. Her mother who lives in Ogden Utah, Had a stroke that Morning and she was flying into SLC Utah Sunday Morning. We went up to Soldiers Summit and turned around and headed back to Ogden. We were about 155 miles into the trip when we turned around. We arrived back in Ogden around 4:00 pm. No sense Going to Texas if my Daughter is going to be in Ogden. We picked her up at the airport Sunday Morning. She will ride with us in the Motor Home to get back to Texas. So our trip is postponed for now. At least we were able to see some nice Fall Colors Going up the Canyon on Hwy 6.