My Year End Update for 2016

My Year End Update for 2016

Reflecting Back over the past year, it has been a bad year for us as far as Rving goes. My Motor Home has hardly moved since a 3000 mile trip to Texas in Oct – Nov of 2015. In 2016 We were able to make a round trip of 500 miles to Nevada and back to our home in Utah. Except for Safety Inspection and emissions testing the Motor Home has Sat in the Driveway. I have went out and started it up and ran the generator every month. I have made several Modifications and updates to it averaging at least one a month. Unfortunately With Doctors appointments and my DW’s eye appointments, we just have not been able to take the motor home and go. My Wife developed Macular Degeneration in her eyes and the Eye Doctors are trying to keep it from getting any worse. The shots in here eyes have helped but the left eye still is leaking and the Eye Doctor is trying to save her sight, So we have had to stay close to home for her appointments.

To keep busy I make Mods and updates on the motor home. It has been ready to go for over a year. I keep hoping that we can get away to a warmer climate at least for a month or two. For 20 years we were Snowbirds going to Yuma Arizona and Texas every year for 4 or 5 months during the Winter. For the past 4 years we have only been able to go for a month or 6 weeks, But not this year. I keep hoping, but it doesn’t look like we will be able to go until spring if at all. It has been hard for me not being able to go Rving especially after almost 50 years of Rving. I am 78 years old and was hoping to get another 3 to 5 years of Rving in before my time is up. Time will tell. You can read about all of the Modifications I have made this year to our Motor Home.



Mels RV Reflections

Today I was reflecting back while browsing some of my old posts. I found one about Good Sam ERS emergency Road Service, called Good Sam ERS Good or Bad I have had Good Sam for Many Years now and their ERS was tops until that time. It was in 03 of 2010 when I made the post and I think that Good Sam was going through some pretty bad times Because their service was going down hill fast. In June of 2011 I had the opportunity to use their ERS Service again When I almost totaled my 5th wheelThis Time it was a different story and Good Sam was very helpful. I guess maybe they had a change of management or something, because the service was a far cry from when I used it before. I almost quit them, but am glad that I kept the service as it really paid off this time. Funny how things change with time.