Why you Need a Dash Cam

If you have a RV Trailer or Motor Home, You need a Dash Cam. I bought another dash Cam for the car and the motor home. See below for my reason why.

Night before last, my oldest sons new car got cut off, and side swiped, by a big pickup truck, that was lifted and had oversize tires. my sons car was in the left hand turn lane next to the divider getting ready to make a turn. The pickup truck cut him off and it hit his car on the passenger side. The truck then jumped the divider and crossed into the oncoming lane of traffic went over the bank into a ditch and hit trees. The people in the truck claimed it my sons fault, and that he ran into them. The cops were ready to write my son a ticket because of the friends of the truck driver (so called witness’s), saying it was my sons fault. (my sons car had Nevada Plates, so the the cops were going to believe the locals).  My son then told the cops that he had a dash cam. They said whoa, the cop yelled to the other cops that my son had a dash cam and to hold up writing a ticket. The cop told my son to give him the dash cam. My son started to refuse. The cop called over his Sargent, who told my son they were taking the dash cam as evidence of a accident. said they would get a warrant if necessary. My son unhooked the camera and gave it to them after getting a receipt. Yesterday they called my son and told him to come and pick up his camera. The camera showed that the other guy had cut my son off and hit his car. The cop told my son if he had not had the dash cam, he would have been in serious trouble because of the drivers friends testimony that it was his fault. They then went to the pickup drivers house and gave him a citation. I hope they give the so called witness’s a ticket for lying.

Just another reason to have a dash cam in this day and age, especially if you have a RV because people are always cutting you off or crowding in front of you. A dash cam can save your bacon If that happens. 



5th Wheel Maintenance

It has been a busy Week Performing Maintenance on My Jayco Designer 5th wheel and making a few adjustments. A couple of weeks ago I had new tires put on the fiver Replacing the Marathon ST235/R80/16 Load Range D. I will never understand why Jayco put load range D tires on a 5th wheel of this size. Even not overloaded it was a poor choice for a company noted for a quality product. Anyway I replaced them with  Power King Tow Max ST235/R80/16 load range E. I know I know China Bombs and all that crap. Time will tell If it was a mistake. I always use ST tires on Trailers. Enough about Tires.

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RV Tires Three Out of Five Bad! Made in USA.

I have Preached for a long time to Change tires on a RV when they are 5 years old. I know that it is expensive, But it is cheap insurance against disaster. On a recent trip to Ogden Utah, we encountered tire problems on our return 235 mile trip to Wells Nevada where we spend the summer. I had added 15 Lbs of air to one of the tires that was low on my Jayco Designer 5th wheel. I was a little hesitant about starting the return trip without having the tire checked for leaks. I was in a hurry and late for an appointment in Draper Utah, 58 miles from Ogden. I wanted to be there early, so we could get some work done to the 5th wheel and be on our way.

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ST Tires Versus LT Tires on a TT Or Fiver

There are many different opinions on tires for Travel Trailers and 5th wheels.  Below is the reason I stick with ST Tires.

ST Tires Versus LT Tires on Trailers

Here is what Goodyear saysTrailer tires are considered a special category in the current global design standards of Tire and Rim. The major difference is that trailer tires are required to carry 10% more load than an equivalent P-metric size tire. LT type tires are actually on a lower formula and would require a significant size or load change to meet the trailer load requirements.”

Also ST type tires are rated for a Max operating speed of 65 mph. Exceeding that speed rating can result in tire failure. Continue reading “ST Tires Versus LT Tires on a TT Or Fiver”

Tire Safety What you may not know!

I was reading a article in RV Travel the other day about tires. It was a discussion about tire failures on dual wheel vehicles. It stated that if you have a blowout on one dual tire then the other tire may need to be replaced too. The reason is the tire that did not blow may be damaged from carrying the load. This would apply to the tires on one side of a 2 or 3 axle trailer. If one tire Blows out, then the other tires on that side should be examined and replaced if damaged from being under inflated or over loaded. I always wondered why so many had 2 or 3 blowouts on a long trip after replacing just the blown out tire and not checking the other tires or tire, on the same side or on a dual axle. It makes sense to me. Better to be safe than sorry. Whats your thoughts.


Aged Tires A Driving Hazard

This Happened to Me in 2005
Aged Tires Warning

I was driving down interstate highway 10 just out of Lordsburg New Mexico at 70 mph on tires I thought were only 4 years old. All of a sudden there was a big bang and fiberglass tire rubber and smoke came from the front  passenger side of the 20,000 Lbs Motor home. I was struggling to maintain control and get off to the side of the freeway to Safety.I managed to pull over to the side of the freeway and stop.
The Damage was Extensive. Several Thousand $$$, It tore off the front passenger Fender and wheel well and scattered fiberglass, Tire Rubber and Parts of the Motor home for several hundred feet. I was Lucky, I found out later that the tires were 9 years old, But were purchased only 4 years before.

Do you know how Old Your Tires Are? Do you know how to Tell?