Duplex Outlet Update

In a previous post called “Some 5th Wheel Mods and Upgrades” I told how I added a Duplex Outlet to the front of the kitchen Cabinet so my Dear wife would not have to use the overhead outlet and extension cords.


Worked great for the toaster and coffee Maker, but my Dear Wife uses a portable Induction Cooker sitting on the stove so she can use the Vent Fan above the stove. This required a Extension Cord running across the sink so she could plug it in. So I decided to put in another Duplex Outlet by the stove.


Since it is by the sink I installed a GFI outlet by using a Surface Mount Outlet Box and a GFI. I drilled down through the counter top and cut the wire going over to the Outlet on the front of the Cabinet.


Running the Vertical Line wire from the Main distribution panel circuit breaker up through the counter to the line side of the GFI, and another wire from the load side of the GFI, to the Outlet on the front of the sink Cabinet. This way both of the Duplex Outlets are Protected by a GFI.


This is the Distribution panel. The Bottom Circuit breaker is the one I added for the Duplex Outlets. I still have room to add a single or a double circuit breaker if Needed. This panel is located under the stove and to the left of the sink cabinet. There are also room to add a couple of 12 volt fused circuits if I ever need some more. Dear Wife is Happy, So I am Happy.